igpay atinlay

I was just wondering… what are the guidelines to write in pig latin? I know a few general rules but would like to know more.

“I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.”
– Calvin and Hobbes

Pig Latin should never be written, only spoken.


( Currently translating the “Banana Fanna” song into Pig Latin. In my head of course.)

I am still tryin’ to figure out “Ubu Dubi” the language they used to speak on Zoom (PBS).

I can understand it, I just can’t speak it.

H-ub-i Fr-ub-ends (Hi Friends)

Ethay Ulesray Otay Itingwray in Igpay Atinlay:

  1. Onay onstanantscay at ethay eginningbay of any ordsway.
  2. Allsmay ordsway eginningbay ithway owelsvay ustmay ebay orignayed.
  3. ultimay-yllablesay ordsway eginningbay ithway owelsvay ustmay ebay okenbray ownday ybat yllablesay.
  4. Of oursecay, ordsway ustmay end ithway “AY” (ceptexay orfay ethay allsmay ordsway in uleray umbernay eethray).
  5. If ouyay are illstay eadingray isthay ostpay, ouyay are eryvay artsmay. Etlay emay owknay (iavay e-ailmay?).
  6. Orrysay orfay isthay…I ouldn’tcay esistray.