Ant Infestation -- In My Car!

I know, you’re thinking “what kind of sugary wonderland is in Yeeter’s car?” I swear that is not what is going on. It’s been just over a week since I went camping for Memorial Day. I set up my tent on an anthill obviously, because within minutes it was covered. I was able to spray it with an insect fogger and it kept my tent nicely insect free. I didn’t think about that the rest of the time, until the day after coming home, I noticed a couple of ants crawling across the dashboard. I figured, hey a couple of hitchhikers are no big deal, but then I noticed several more. I have spent the last week smashing them and thinking to myself,
that’s probably the last of them. How long can they possibly live in my car?" Well, here it is a week later, and after leaving the empty cup from a DQ Blizzard I found approximately 30-40 of them congregating in it. I threw the cup away, but the trail of ants going from the cup-holder to the gap in the dashboard tells me I have a problem.

Will ants carry on without their queen? For how long? I have placed some ant bait stations in the corners of the car, but will that really work? Where have they burrowed? Will it be covered by an extended warranty?

My girlfriend is going to be so creeped out by this…I may be single tomorrow.

Oh! And what are they eating? Other than the blizzard? My car is fairly new, and I have been fairly cautious about eating in there.

I had this when I carried some infested firewood. The next few days were some of the hottest of the season, since I left the windows closed and in direct sun, and I didn’t see any ants after I assumes they all fried.

Go buy an Ant Bait Trap. Hardware store carry em.

Put 1 or 2 in various parts of the car.

Problem gone.

In my experience, yes they work very well. I think you will see results quickly.