"Ant Pasted"- Elmer Fudd cartoon

Watching the old WB cartoons on CN, and the Elmer Fudd cartoon “Ant Pasted”. It’s Elmer at war with an ant hill. Guess I’m having a brain fart, but I can’t figure out the pun of the title. Anyone? :confused:

Ant paste was a home insecticide, used for ants, although that wasn’t the brand name. Getting pasted was slang for getting a beating. Thus a rather labored pun was born.

It’s very sad how excited I get when something comes up that I am not old enough to have known/experienced.

thanks - I would never have guessed either of those.

… not to be confused with the 3 Stooges short where Curley thinks a container of ant paste in the pantry is “antipasto” …