Ant traps and cats...whats the solution?

Well, every year we’ve had to put out those ant traps…the COMBAT traps work the best. We put them out and in a few days we never see any more ants. You know…kill the colony type things…But now with the power change in the house…(heh…thats what they think) the cats are a consideration now. Are COMBAT traps ok to use with cats? What do others people use? And help would be appreciated.

The bait inside the trap is toxic so put it somewhere that the cat can’t get to it or cover it with something that will keep cat out but let ants in. I once taped a plastic collander to the counter to cover a trap. It kept my cat out and the ants didn’t seem to mind crawling over the collander to get to the trap.

Our cats never gave them a second thought, but if your cats want to play with them, maybe you could tape them to the floor or possibly vertically on the “baseboard” of the cabinets.