Anthem Video Game

A buddy of mine recently got an invite to play the alpha of Anthem. Since I hadn’t heard anything about the game before, I hopped on YouTube and…whoa (Keanu Reeves). It’s an open world game. Not sure what the entire backstory is but the linked video below references Gods that have abandoned the planet but left behind relics and such for you to find/use. You can fly in your mechanized suit and there are a few different suits to choose from as I understand it.

It looks AMAZING, and will be released on 2/22/19 for all consoles and also for PC.

I found this video that shows true gameplay after the opening cutscene and it simply looks so legit. Anyone else excited by the release of this game?

I’m a little trepidatious about it. I’ve known about Anthem for a while, but that’s been primarily from the standpoint of having been a player of another BioWare game (the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG).

Anthem’s apparently been in development for a long time (since 2012, it looks like), and was originally supposed to come out this year. Early this year, BioWare pushed it to “early 2019” (looks to now be slated for February), and what I’d read at that time was that the delayed release was due to the game being behind schedule.

In addition, my understanding is that, at the time that they delayed the launch in early 2018, BioWare also moved the vast majority of their development resources to Anthem, tacitly acknowledging that (a) Anthem needed more help, and (b) they were reducing support for their other games, like SWTOR (which has, IMO, been left to languish for two years now).

The articles I read at that time also suggested that BioWare’s future is dependent on the success of this launch.

Do we have any indicator that Bioware is any good at making this kind of game? It doesn’t really seem to be in their wheelhouse.

Well, EA is famous for this sort of shit. They acquire a developer with a great reputation and history. They will then give them a project that the studio isn’t suited for and shutter them when the game underperforms.

Yeah, that’s kinda my point. Do we have a reason to believe this is a game to be excited about, rather than an “EA Special”?