Anthrax Investigation and DOJ

Figured I’d post here since it will probably wind up here if I post anywhere else.

Regarding the Anthrax Scare after 9-11, why has the Dept. of Justice not investigated the Anti-Abortion Groups more zealously.

So far, the only person convicted of Anthrax threats was and Anti-abortionist.

The letters were to “liberals” i.e. Daschle, Brokaw, Rather, Leahy, etc. and to the National Enquirer (not really a conservative paper)

Is our Government afraid of insulting the Conservative Anti-Abortion Movement. or are they just not looking at this group because the Middle-Eastern Terrorists are such an easy target.

After all should not the Anti-Abortion Activists also be classified as Terrorists according to current Government definitions? After all they have been known to kill, maim, burn, blow up and intimidate anyone they disagree with.

I think they are being vigorously investigated, but there may not be much news in order to conduct successful investigations. See

Also, many of these militants can probably blend into society a lot easier than Atta and crew merely because they are most likely “home grown” & perhaps Anglo-looking. IMHO

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& search. The article I found is Anti-abortion violence - Two decades of arson, bombs and murder - By Frederick Clarkson