Anti-Abortion Racism

So I have a friend who is a conspiracy theorist type. He is also a staunch conservative. We were once talking about anti-abortion laws, and he remarked that they don’t have to do with God or religion at all, and that is just a front. In reality the conservatives fight for anti-abortion because even if abortion is legal, minority women (read: non-white) are less likely to get them. By outlawing abortion, it will force more privileged women (read: white) to keep their babies. This will help stop the white population from being displaced by the black and, more importantly, latino population.

Is there any basis in fact for any of this? I’ve done a cursory search and all I can find are two basic racism arguments:

  1. Asians aren’t allowed to get abortions if it is for the purpose of sex selection, so they can be discriminated against.
  2. Blacks are less likely to be able to get abortions because the clinics are too far apart and/or too expensive.

I can’t find anything supporting his theory of population control. So I figure either there is some secret club you can join where you get the ‘true’ details, it isn’t true, or it is an end goal that isn’t really discussed (kind of like not allowing felons to vote might be).

It sounds reasonably plausible, but I haven’t looked up any details about population or abortion rates to determine if it would even have an impact.

Isn’t it in fact the exact opposite in the USA. Per capita, blacks have the highest abortion ratio, and whites the lowest. It’s certainly the case in Scandinavia. Immigrant girls from the Middle East have the by far highest abortion ratio (up to triple that of ethnic Danish girls), whereas ethnic Danish girls have the lowest.

Abortion rates among black women is far higher than among white women (about triple).

That said there are more white women than black and Latino women (about 69.4% of women in the US are white) so the absolute number of white women having abortions is higher than other minorities. (PDF)

Well there are two questions here:

[li]Is the reason that anti-abortion people are pushing for abortion to be legal so that there will be more white babies?[/li][li]Would this be effective in making sure there are more white babies?[/li][/ol]

Someone could be against abortion and believe that outlawing abortion will be an effective way to prevent minorities from taking over America, despite that all being based on mistaken and racists assumptions.

I have heard that reasoning before, but I don’t know how common it is.

The problem with the premise is assuming that a woman having an abortion means there will be fewer children in the world (well…it’s probably a little bit true but misses a bigger point).

Most women will choose to have X-number of children. If a woman has an abortion she may well take a pregnancy to term later in her life. She will have two or three (or whatever) kids that she’s chosen to raise regardless if she had an abortion. It’s not like she will only ever have three pregnancies and if she aborts one then she will only have two kids.

I would posit that your conservative friend, is an idiot or he’s just trying to troll you.

The argument in the OP makes absolutely no sense. It manages to fly in the face of both basic facts and common sense. There is a well-known hypothesis that claims that legalized abortion affects minorities and the poor differently than wealthier whites but it is the exact opposite of this claim.

The Donohue-Levitt hypothesis suggests that rapidly falling crime rates starting in the 1990’s were the product of many more minority and poorer women getting abortions about two decades before. The idea is that their potential children would have been the most likely to become violent criminals so more abortions for these groups equals fewer criminals later. I am not going to argue whether that hypothesis is correct or not in this thread but the idea is well known because it was popularized in the book Freakonomics.

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If there were, we would know it for certain; the anti-abortion movement is too large to be a conspiracy with a hidden agenda, a lot of the activists – heck, a lot of the leaders – would blab about the real agenda.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if black people were closer to clinics than white people, on average. I know that in Ohio, the only clinics left are in urban counties with above-average black populations.

I’ve heard the exact opposite of this argument, that legal abortion is just a front for anti-minority racism since the abortion rate is higher among minority women. That it has nothing to do with freedom, but is just a ploy to exterminate minority babies.

(I don’t agree with either)

Indeed. The common argument is that abortion is a very slow genecide of the black population. Either your friend is completely backward in his reasoning, or your recitation of his argument is.

I think its short sighted reasoning.

If abortion is made illegal in the U.S., middle and upper class women (often white) in need of an abortion will get one out of the country. There will be an “abortion spa” industry in the Caribbean - reputable doctors, good clinics, and a weekend by the ocean. Its easy to get to Vancouver or Montreal from much of the U.S. It won’t be cheap, but it will certainly be more affordable for the middle class than an unwanted pregnancy. It is the poor (often minorities), who can least afford to have children, that will either end up with the babies or have unsafe abortions. And don’t believe for a minute that there will be plenty of adoptive homes - the number of homes waiting for children would be exhausted in less than three years and then their would be more children than families wanting children.

Good thing crack and AIDS are there to pick up the pace.

There are much-taken-out-of-context quotes by Margaret Sanger that have been taken that way. Ironically, Sanger, while being a racist & eugenicist, launched her crusade to legalize and promote voluntary contraception in part to oppose the illicit abortion industry.