Anti-Interracial Dating

If you prefer not to date interracially, does it mean that you are prejudiced?

You might need to provide some more info, but it does seem most likely that you are prejudiced. You have excluded someone from your intimate circle simply because of their race. Perhaps you think dating is an exclusively pre-marriage, pre-childbearing activity and that you fear bringing biracial children into the world. But if you live in the US, you’ve undoubtedly seen many biracial people leave perfectly happy lives.

What reason do you have for not dating anyone outside your race?

Yes, you are prejudiced. I think that you mean to ask, “are you a bigot?”.

Well, for starters, you might not find people of other races physically attractive. I don’t think that would technically make you a racist, since you are making a physical evaluation of a physical quality.

If you are only attracted to tall, willowy, brunettes, then one might conclude that you are “prejudiced” against short, curvy, blondes (at least as dating partners). There is nothing partiularly wrong with this: everyone has different “tastes” regarding what (and whom) they find attractive.

Extrapolating from one’s own preferences to a general rule, (e.g.., “Short, curvy, blondes are ugly.”), especially if it was a rule one attempted to impose on others, would tend to indicate some sort of problem.

As it happens, if I had been given the skills and gifts of Pygmalion, my Galatea would have been a tall, willowy, brunette–so I married a short blonde and have been quite happy about it for the last 20 years. Extending one’s definitions of beauty outside one’s own ethnic community may be an inevitable part of some people’s psychic make-up. As long as one keeps those prejudices to oneself, there is not a problem: who else needs to know?

I don’t think that people who prefer to marry partners of their own race are prejudiced. Mostly, people tend to stick to partners with whom they are familiar with. The differences between men and women are already big enough, so many think that it’s not worth adding additional reasons for problems in the relationship.

You can’t tell me that I am biased, because I am in an interracial marriage. The cultural differences are enriching, at least that’s what everybody says, but they also add enough “spice” to the relationship, which I might prefer not to have.

Anyway, you never know who you meet and who you will learn to love, so the question is rhetoric.