Anti Popup software

I’m looking for some software will get rid of pop ups in my IE browser, I don’t know about you, but that is the worst thing about surfing the web. Thanks in advance.


Try POW! by AnalogX. I have it, and it worked okay (I think I’ve broken it now). You should be able to find it on most download sites.

This could be the most useful thread in the history of this board.

Indeed, but if he think’s it’s broken on his machine already I’d like some more options.

Anyone know more about this issue?


— G. Raven

POW! worked fine. I was tinkering with various registry settings, though, so it was me that broke it. It still kills pop-ups, but I can’t add any more new ones to the master list.

I think their website is

Naviscope blocks adds and popups. Last I checked it was freeware. Goodluck!

Personally, I’d just go into the Tools, Internet Options, Security folder, click custom level and disable active scripting…works every time…

Does this turn off anything else? I tried this once (but probably did it wrong) and I couldn’t get some forms to work. I use Adsoff, the popup blocker works fine, but the ad blocking part seems to cause more problems than it’s worth (particularly on the SDMB :()

I dunno…it’s always worked just fine for me. I’m using IE v5.5 with all the options.

I sometimes use a program called Naviscope from It has options to block ads, popups, set atomic clock, and more.