Anti Pro choose your weapons (or gunfight in the SDMB corral)

Anti Pro and I have been trying to have a serious (not really) squirt gun/water blaster fight for awhile now. Perhaps others of you would like to participate? Come on in…the water’s fine.

Judy leave that water hose alone.

>>Throws a water baloon in Smooth’s face and hauls ass to plan his next sneaky move. Dropping from that tree seems interesting . . . <<

Heh heh…Supersoakers at ten paces…

THIS could be Major Fun!

Ahhhhh…Memories of naked coed pillow fights…

< VB zips up his flight suit and adjusts his goggles >

Count me in, boys and girls!

Coldfire staggers out of the saloon, sporting a half empty Jack Daniels bottle.

“First of all, pilgrim, it’s half FULL. Ya got that?”

He looks around, somewhat puzzled…

“Whuts the deal with all them plastic gizmos? That shit ain’t no proper Smith 'n Wesson!”

Coldfire reaches for his empty holster.

“Damn. Left me canon in me other pants again. - hic -”

Cold crashes into the bathtub. You know, where they let the horses drink.

“That you Nadine? Quits nibblin’ m’ear willya…”

:I sneak up behind VB and let him have a blast of cold water right at the neckline.:

Ten paces nothing…this is guerrilla warfare. Now where did Bratman go?

:tries to hide a large water ballon behind her back while she’s looking around trees and under rocks:

>>A war cry of “SPOOOOON!!” is heard as a car zooms past, supersoaker blazing away from the window as BratMan nails VestalBlue and Coldfire. Sadly for BratMan, Smooth is only wounded in the drive-by squirting.<<

::using left over pieces of water balloons and some common chewing gum, Swiddles takes a page from McGuyver and builds the first ever atomic water bomb.::

Alright, who wants to pick on my spelling NOW?

Ok, Swiddles, drop the water nuke, and back away slowly; I’ve loaded this baby with cinnamon oil, and you’re naked from the freshly started pillow fight…

And as for you, Smoothie, you’re next, chiquita!

:::Blasting Smooth, VB, Coldie and Swiddles with fire hose:::

BratMan? I promise not to tell anyone that you’re really The Tick and BratMan is your Clark Kent-type disguise! Noting that you lack an Arthur, I would gladly take on the role of trusty, cheerful sidekick…we could use our powers for niceness instead of evil!
:::Menancingly waves fire hose at bedraggled proponents of evil:::

Sneaking up behind VB,Coldie and Swiddles, purplebear blasts them with her super soakers <one in each hand> filled with ice water! Turning quickly, she also manages to catch Smooth Operator with a blast from her left one.

Heheheheh! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

And, VB, dear?!?! <As he turns around to see who called him, he gets another blast from purplebear, knocking the gun with cinnamon oil out of his hand>

Looks like someone needs to move into this and clean out all the riffraff. And I reckon I’m just the guy to do it. I’ll give all of you until the count of 5 to get your yellow hides out of here and then I start unleashing my torrent.

Your arrogance displeases me.


>>BratMan unleashes a torrent of his own, as Mullinator is defenseless against BratMan’s volley of water balloons and guerrilla tactics. Suddenly, BratMan vanishes into the treeline as Mullinator stands dazed and confused.<<

VB picks up his oil cannon, and advances messily on Purplebear…Who backs away with an ingratiating smile.

This doesn’t faze VB, who puts the gun where it’ll do the most harm and squeezes the trigger…


Purplebear falls squirming to the ground as VB takes a snap shot at Smooth Operator! Gotcha!

“And Mully? you’ve met your match, bully boy!”

“look down; see that little red dot?”

“painless” Doc Red_dragon steps up.

“I offer towels to any who need help. It’s not very safe out here. NOOOO! Wait! Who deployed the sprinkler?!? You cruel heartless ba-”

He takes a step back, staggering. The doc lands flat on his butt. Taking a towel and wiping his face, he pulls out a grenade launcher, retrofitted to fire water balloons. The spoils of trading with bandits. With one shot, he takes out the sprinkler before it can harm anyone else.

“Lets dance.”

>>BratMan now goes after purplebear, launching balloons from his left hand while shooting away with the Supersoaker in his right hand.<<

I just love the sight of a wet woman. :wink:

HEY! Where’d that come from? Looking around, she spies BratMan trying to sneak out of sight again towards the trees. Oh, no you don’t! She runs after him, soaked to the skin, banana cream pie dripping off her in splotches, and oil oozing from…never mind! :o … Hits him from behind, squarely in the middle of his back with her ice water-filled super soaker!

PPPPPPPhhhffffffffffffffftttttttt!!! Take that!!

<and, BratMan, dear… you haven’t seen wet yet!>

Geez, a cold shower AND a suggestive comment at the same time. I’m getting mixed signals here.

Narile grins evilly and goes a nice distance away and starts to unload and setup the trebuchet.

:::picks up her ball and humbly slinks away:::

Stepping back, she leans down and pulls Doc Red_dragon up, accidentally dripping some banana cream and water on him, <we won’t talk about the oil right now>. Here you go, sorry about that. Didn’t mean to almost step on you.

What?? What are you looking at? She looks down at her top and…:o oh. <quickly rearranges her soaked top again>
Hehehee…sorry 'bout that.

And, BratMan, I can flirt, but have to be careful. 'K? So, hence the ice water. 'Sides, I have to keep everyone off guard, don’t I? :wink: