Anti Pro choose your weapons (or gunfight in the SDMB corral)

Hey Narile! Is that your trebuchet from the snowball fight? Cool!

As VB distracts narile, he lobs several water balloons at PB.

“Just thought you needed cleaned up, honey!”

As the water ballons impact dead center on the other balloons.


>>dumps a bucket of water over sunshine’s head<<

No one slinks away on my watch. What kind of trusty sidekick are you? Counter-attack purplebear for crying out loud!

And someone stop Narile before the trebuchet is setup! (whatever the hell a trebuchet is)

<<BratMan, a trebuchet is very like a catapult>>

Aaack! Now I’m all wet! But I’m on the job, BratMan!

:::Silently holding wet shirt away from ample cleavage while grabbing fire hose and dousing Purple with a nice cold blast, then turning and eyeing Vestal’s trebuchet:::

Thanks purplebear. Narile, buddy, friend, need fire support while you set up? I have a very sweet grenade launcher!

>>Gallantly offers to hold that cleavage - I mean shirt - for sunshine so she can have both hands free for the attack<<

:::Splutter::: Hey! What’d you do that for? She says as she’s picking herself up from the floor, where the force of the water balloons lobbed at her by VB knocked her. Taking a step, she suddenly finds herself getting blasted with a fire hose held by Sunshine, and lands right back on the floor. OUCH!

Ok, people. NOW you’ve done it! Getting up and trying in vain to adjust her thoroughly soaked top to cover her overflowing cleavage, she reaches for her weapons. Taking up her extra-large capacity supersoakers, she advances on Sunshine and BratMan, keeping her eye on VB. I’ll get to you in a minute, VB dear!

Howcome I don’t have a sidekick? Who’s going to help me? red_dragon, get over here, I need you!

:::Waves hands in front of BratMan’s eyes as they glaze over from the abundance of wet dripping cleavage, then turns the fire hose on VB’s trebuchet for a healthy blast. Quickly ducks behind BratMan, serving two purposes–first, to avoid purplebear’s counter attack, second to hopefully snap our hero out of his wet boobie trance:::

While meanwhile, Chronos flips the switch to open up the gym floor and dump everyone into the swimming pool underneath… Yes, it truely is a wonderful life… <EG>

Narile finishes assembling the trebuchet (Yes Veb, it be the one from the snowball fight) and loads the sling with 10 water ballons.

“Commence saturation bombbardment!!!”

Narile fires into the mess that is the melee.

HEY! No fair, Chronos! It was just getting interesting! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sputtering around in the really cold water, purplebear finds herself close to VB, so she grabs onto him to keep herself afloat while she tries to hang onto her guns. Not to mention what’s left of her shirt!

“Narile! Traitor! Noooooooo!” red_dragon yells as he jumps in front of purplebear, taking three water balloons to the chest. But he is not done. For he still has the grenade launcher, and shoots a fusilade of water grenades at the trebuchet. “So, purple,” he remarks,“need any help?” VB tries a snap shot, but red_dragon’s matrix-esque bullet-time dodge he learned while in Hong Kong. The shot flies just over his shoulder. Luckily, it doesn’t hit PB, but instead BratMan.

Revenge is a dish best served something something. Um, you know the rest.

“Whoa! PB! Not there!

“Sunshine? Boobies…wet ones…”

VBs’ eyes glaze over…

Ooops!! Sorry, VB, dear. I didn’t mean to grab you…umm…there. Forgive me? Humph! He’s not even paying any attention to me, since I let go of him.

Thanks a lot, red_dragon! I really appreciate the heeeeeelp! She yelps as she gets hit from behind by…

…another dousing from Sunshine.

Sunshine then takes advantage of VB’s wet boobie trance and the continuing mayhem to successfully topple the trebuchet with a series of blasts from the fire hose. She sees BratMan has awakened from his own cleavage-induced trance thanks to a timely dunk in the swimming pool, courtesy of Chronos and a successful tag on the noggin from Red_Dragon.

Sunshine, shirt still clinging wetly, thinks there may be some advantage to be gained from all this cleavage-baring warfare, eh purplebear?

:Smoothie grabs Coldfire by the hair to help him out of the water trough:

Probably not the best place to be while drinking Coldfire. Here (she hands him a water blaster) shoot anything that moves - NOT ME!

Smoothie does a quick tuck and roll and hits VB, PB, Bratman, Mullinator, Swiddle and Sunshine as she knocks over the trebuchet of Narile’s and finds a conveniently placed rock from which she starts lobbing hot water balloons.

:don’t want things to get too cold:

But she misses red_dragon. Like the pheonix rising from the ashes, he summons his strength and manages to swat every water balloon out of the air before it hits the unsuspecting prey. Then he walks up to Smoothie. “this iddn’t the time or place.” With that, he assaults her in a high power torrent of water. Throwing towels to PB and Sunshine, he recedes into the shadows.

Except he is met by…

…another volley from Narile’s trebuchet.

Meanwhile overlooking the scene calmy, dpr loads his SuperSniperSoaker™ with red cordial and picks a target almost randomly. Purple Bear wears the first sniper sugar rush.

Hey Smoothie, you started without …* gets pelted with a water balloon *

Children, children, children!!! I have not yet BEGUN to fight!

:::::::::beeping sound as fire truck backs into her driveway::::::::::::::

Tut, tut. Bad form leaving the window down like that…

dpr unloads SuperSniperSoaker™ on Anti Pro who is now red enough to match her fire truck

Sunshine, YEP! YEP! YEP! I definitely think so! :wink: But did you have to get me wet again! Giving up on what’s left of her wet, oily, sticky top, purplebear leaps back into the fray after a short rest break, just in time to get hit by a flying hot water balloon lobbed by Smoothie. Hey!

Thanks for the towel, dragon! Much appreciated. She wipes herself off, and is almost dry when she is plastered by dpr’s gun.

::Eeewwwwwwwww:: :eek: Now I’m all sticky again! And RED?? Doesn’t go with purple at all! Licking her lips, she decides that it does taste good though…

She then waits til his back is turned, and hits him from behind with both of her supersoakers, reloaded with ICE water! So there!! :stuck_out_tongue: