Anti-spyware Pop-Ups?

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but for the last day or so whenever I come on the SDMB, I click on a thread, the screen goes blank, and at the top of my screen in the blue strip, the name will change to some sort of Anti-Spyware. I then get a message that my computer is infected and this mock scan starts, at the end of which I get a dialogue box asking if I want to download some program.

Naturally, I just hit the X in anything that comes up and kill it.

This doesn’t happen to me on any other website, though, just this one. Any idea on what the problem is?

It’s an ad. I’ve reported it.

Please provide any info you can about what you’re seeing. It’s particularly help if you can send us a screen shot. On a PC, you can do this by pressing Atl-Print Screen, pasting the result into MS Paint with Control-V, saving the result, and e-mailing the file to edzotti at aol dot com. Thanks.

I had something like this happen to me. It was VSCAN7, I posted the details in the other thread.