Anyone else getting fake anti-virus errors?

Off and on for the last two days, I’ve gotten this website blocked from my anti-virus software (symentec on 2 machines and norton on 1) saying it has detected a fake anti-virus install and the website that comes up on the menu bar is just the IP address (starts out 94 IIRC). A scan at home didn’t pick up a virus on that machine.

Is the SD suffering from an intermittant hijacker?

No warning from AVG.

I got it a few weeks ago while surfing on this site. The fake anti-virus program wasn’t picked up by any of my anti-virus/malware programs. I had to do a system restore. Thankfully I didn’t lose anything.

Yes, my Norton caught the same thing as soon as I went to the SDMB this morning at 10:18 Pacific time.

Attacking computer:,80 Attacking url: land=20&affid=93101

Threat name: HTTP Fake Antivirus Install Request

I got that too last night around 6:30PM.

I’ll pass this on to Ed.

I also got it, before I got the chance to log on.

Happened at home this morning, at work about four minutes ago.

Got it from home computer. Clicked on link for “About This Message Board” and McAfee lit up. Clicked “go to site anyway” and got a web browser page that imitated a computer folder and displayed it was running a virus check. I backed out quick and am running a full scan using McAfee.

Yes, I got it yesterday

Interesting. I picked up this virus about a week ago but I don’t know if it was here or elsewhere on the internets as I had multiple windows open.

FWIW this set of intructions worked to get rid of the virus for me.

I sent a screen shot of the info from the Norton history to sdmbtech as per instructions in the sticky on this page. If the resolution is not good enough, PM me.

I wonder if the folks who got this were all using Chrome. After the third time it showed up, I switched to Firefox for SDMB, and it’s not recurred.

Nope, I was using Firefox.

Happened to me as well. A few weeks ago, and twice yesterday. AVG picked it up.

I got it last night and over the weekend,windows XP Using IE.

I just shut down computer and rebooted.

For those who reported this virus, I am curious about the updates on some software on your computer. What version of Adobe Reader are you using? What version of Java is installed? Both can be determined by looking in “Add/Remove Programs”

The reason I ask is that both programs have been the target of spyware attacks recently, and if you don’t have the most recent updates, it can expose you to infection. The most current Adobe Reader is 9.3.1, and the most recent Java is version 6, update 18.

As a reminder, if you have this or other malware problems, please do as indicated here:

These things are difficult to track down but we’ll see.

Hey Ed, now that you’ve solved the mystery of giving charter members two titles, how about figuring out why this board has more malware on it than a shady porn site.

Yes, I got one and emailed sdmbtech about it. Now today I tried to log out and got a similar suspicious popup asking me if I wanted to logout. It was formatted similarly to the malware popup. IIRC and YMMV but i don’t recall ever getting a prompt second guessing a logout action.

not happyabout this, I have a new computer with all the latest updates and the SDMB is trying to hack me, don’t llike it!:mad: