Anti-vaxxers are ignorant scumbags that kill children

Recently had an episode of this pop up on a friends Facebook, he was sensibly calling them idiots and some genuine anti-vaxxers popped up and tried and peddle their bullshit. Holy crap, the level of willfull ignorance and lack of understanding of basic science shocked me. No shit stain, this is not something you get to have an opinion on, first because you are endangering the health and life of your own child, second because you are also endangering the lives of other people around you.

One of these morons blithely claimed “herd immunity isn’t a thing you know?” When I explained what that actually is and asked her to provide a cite of course she had no answer and just ran away. Before she did, she did however post a link to slimy conman Andrew Wakefields “Vaxxed” documentary and tell me to “educate myself”. No thanks, why should I waste my time watching something from a Doctor that can no longer practise because he faked evidence?

So then the prince of turds showed up, a 911 truther idiot who has written a 1000 page “book” eg a free PDF which he claims is 1000 cites from peer reviewed papers on the dangers of vaccines. I wasted about two hours of my life looking through his PDF, basically he has just googled for any paper that mentions harmful effects of Mercury or Aluminium, copy pasted the Abstract and then included a scary sounding quote. Not one shred of an attempt to discern if the papers in question are actually relevant to the quantity or even the same compound as what is actually used in vaccines. Eg he including many papers on the toxicity of elemental mercury in vapor form. Hello dickhead, that has zero relevance to the toxicity of a Mercury compound. Perhaps you’ve heard of sodium and chlorine, they’re pretty deadly to us, yet we need NaCl to survive. If you don’t understand this level of high school chemistry then your opinion is worthless, yet anti vaxxers were genuinely quoting this guy and his “1000 peer reviewed papers” as a source in their arguments !

These entitled idiots are free to spread their baseless arguments while they sip mochacinos in Bondi only because the success of vaccines has provided their children herd immunity and almost entirely eliminated most deadly diseases in rich countries like Australia. Vaccines save the lives of 2-3 million children a year in developing countries from Diphtheria, MMR, Cholera and other preventable diseases (WHO statistics). If you’re against vaccines you are for the death of 2-3 million children a year, that’s actually more than Pol Pot achieved in one year, well done !

So here’s the thing, if you don’t want to vaccinate your children, you absolutely do not get to freeload off the herd immunity of the rest of us. You’re a parasite and you should take full and absolute responsibility for those actions. In my opinion, children who are not vaccinated should not be able to attend public government subsidized schools, or travel on public transport. In countries with universal health care, they shouldn’t be covered. So either home school your child or send them to a private full fee paying school especially for non-vaccinated children, it would be fun to see how that turns out except of course it’s the children that would suffer,

If your child ends up dying from a preventable disease because you didn’t vax, then you should be charged with manslaughter, and if your child ends up crippled from a preventable disease you should be charged with child abuse and your child taken away.

The same turd flavoured cumsack that wrote the 1000 page bullshit tract also believes that we never landed on the moon, that the government is covering up anti-gravity, free energy and contact with extra-terrestrials and a long list of other wacko conspiracies. You know I don’t give a rat’s ass about you peddling all that other stuff, it’s harmless and only makes you look like an idiot. But spreading anti-vax lies is actually dangerous, it kills people both directly if someone is convinced by your bullshit to not vax, and indirectly by lowering herd immunity. There is no excuse and you are scum.


Because if you have anti-gravity and free energy it wouldn’t make sense to go to the moon for real?

If we had anti-gravity and free energy Moon resort vacations would be a thing. Hell, surfing vacations on Titan would be a thing.

I’m not even acknowledging the stupidity of the anti-vax stuff. If only there were a way to slap some real science into these people.

You cannot reason someone out of a position they haven’t reasoned themselves into, but Bill Nye stands up and tries. Give it time.

I hate anti-vaxxers so fucking much. I wish it were possible to infect every single one of these bastards with tetanus and leave them untreated.

I enjoyed this rant and would like to subscribe to your rant-letter.

Unfortunately the problem is getting worse not better. The generation that remembers children crippled for life by polio is definitely not anti-vax. And the deliberate lies by climate change deniers undermine trust in all scientists. For fucks sake we’ve even got cheeto face baboon Trump giving credibility to the anti-vax bullshit.

The trend of “we’re sick of experts” peddled by Brexiters and Trump supporters directly contributes to this cancerous belief.

Sounds like a nut who used to post on the IMDb boards.

I’m not going to link the guy, but if you really want to see the sort of irrational tripe that is held up as a credible source in the anti-vax movement google “vaccination 1000 peer history”. This guy even has the gall to talk down to you claiming he has read all 1000 papers in full and that he can’t argue the topic with you unless you have similarly read his irrelevant bullshit. Anyone with the most basic science education can just skim his chapter headings and see that it’s the same tired bullshit that’s been endlessly debunked. He also tried to claim that the average price of a vaccine dose is $300, when I posted UNICEF and WHO’s pricing showing most vaccines cost under $1 per dose he just ran away and stopped replying. I have to believe that this guy actually knows he’s peddling bullshit but he seems to make a living off this stuff.

This is nothing a severe Polio outbreak couldn’t cure, and the scary thing is I think that will be the case.

“Well that escalated quickly.”

If by that you mean that it proceeded expeditiously to its logical conclusion. After all, they’re the ones who claim that exposure makes them stronger.

My husband had polio as a child. He now, at 58, goes incandescent with rage at anti vaxxers.
It may be history to them, but calipers were his childhood.
Our daughters had all the immunizations, no debate.
So, what those Wakefield morons are saying is, better a real risk of death than a non existent risk of autism.
It will need a real epidemic to stop these selfish taints, and sadly, there will be one.

I like my idea better. No government funded schooling, no travelling on public transport no universal healthcare (in countries that have it). Even better lets make it the law that unvaccinated people (unless for genuine medical reasons) have to wear facemasks all the time when they’re in public and a biohazard symbol so sensible people can avoid them.

Yeah I realise that makes me sound like a Nazi. In this case it’s justified, and they could get rid of the “discrimination” any time they wanted by getting vaccinated.

There is an antivax flying monkey named Cia Parker who is well known for descending on comments sections of vaccine-related articles, books and so on. Yesterday she posted this gem on Skeptical Raptor:

That one’s hard to top.

Oh, and pretty good rant, OP. Except that I don’t think cholera vaccine is in very wide use anywhere yet (it has had some success in combating outbreaks, and the FDA recently approved a vaccine for adults visiting cholera-prone areas).

If you’re going to go Nazi, go full Nazi - the unvaccinated live and work in a separate area. Maybe we let them mask up and travel into vaccinated areas, not sure on that. No piggy-backing on non-existent herd immunity for you and your kids.

I do not know how I would top that one! It is crazy people believe in that crap!

And ring a bell while regularly shouting out, “Unclean!” Don’t forget that.

Doubt that, the whooping cough outbreak in California caught a lot of anti-vaxxers and they still don’t believe. My cousin’s kid got whooping cough and STILL will not vaccinate. Out of all the Facebook crap I see her’s is some of the worst.

They’re all a bit like idiots who want to slash military spending to nothing because they’ve never seen a foreign soldier in their hometown.