Anti War Republicans?

Salon article about Howard Dean

You need to sit through Salon’s adverts to get to this article, but it’s not too much of a problem. For those who don’t want to, the bit I’m really interested in was this:

Is that true? Are there really no anti-war Republicans, or at least so few as to be statistically insignificant? If so, why is this?

Conservative columnist Robert Novak opposed the war. A few other Republicans opposed going into the war.

However, Republicans tend to favor military action more than Democrats. Generally, Democratic administrations favor social spending and Republicans favor military spending. Also, Republicans tend to be more patriotic and rally around the President. Furthermore, this war is led by a Republican President.

Wanna hear something funny? A Google search for “anti-war republicans” turned up this.

<< excellent! >>
<< scans rapidly through first paragraph >>
<< ah ha! a relevant quote! >>

<< Milosevic?? >>
<< scrolls back up to top of article >>
<< checks date >>

<< May 7, 1999? >>

<< well, shit >>


Pat Buchanan.

Republicans in the mainstream do seem to have bought into the idea that being Republican means always being pro-war, regardless of the issue – which I had always thought was more of a Dem. slander/caricature.

Would you mind if I asked for a cite for this?

When did Buchanan return from Reform?

Buchannan is conservative but i don’t think he is still republican. He is against the “War Party” as he calls it.

Wow, it’s a cold cold day when I find out I agree with Buchanan on something. :eek:

I’d certainly love to see what december comes up with to support that little snipe about “patriotism.” Perhaps a blogger’s opinion, or a quote from the RNC website.

Also, I wonder how it is that more Republicans “rally around the President.” Clinton, anyone? Yeah, right. :rolleyes: Cite for that too, please.

This should be good. laugh

I just took it for granted that so-called “patriotic organizations” like the American Legion or Daughters of the American Revolution tended to be conservative.

Huh. From what I’ve seen, organizations that care most about this country’s values – groups like the ACLU – are pretty liberal.


december, you are completely full of shit. Just because Democrats might show their patriotism in different ways (than simply and blindly clapping their hands for war) does not make them any less patriotic.

You have just lost all credibility and respect, as far as I’m concerned.

Ah… so yet another unsupported assertion from you. Never mind the idea that the NAACP and (as DanielWithrow points out) the ACLU, also what I would consider “patriotic” groups in that they hold American values to a high standard, do not “tend” to be conservative. Can we expect a retraction on this point?

How about the “rally around the President” comment? That horse doesn’t even leave the gate, if you apply even a modicum of thought to it.

An important Republican against the war is the former U.N. Weapons Inspector, Scott Ritter. He was in the Marine Corps.

Source: William Rivers Pitt, Preface to

William Rivers Pitt, with Scott Ritter War on Iraq: What team Bush Doesn’t Want You to Know (New York: Context Books, 2002)

It’s a small, short, compact book which I highly recommend, precisely because it comes from a conservative (and an intelligence officer, a former member of the Marine Corps and U.N. Weapons Inspector) who thinks that the war on Iraq is very very dangerous for America and the world.

“We can support our troops without supporting the President.”

  • Trent Lott

Do you simply enjoy doing this?

That is the funniest thing I’ve read all week!

Does one have to be an “influencial” Republican to count?

I have been opposed to this action from the start. The President had not proven to me that a substantive risk to the safety of the US existed before he invaded Iraq. As a former member of the Armed Forces, I would completely support a mlitary action which served to protect my country, but I cannot condone an act of aggression born of fear.

We are Americans, dammit. We’re supposed to be the good guys, the ones who respect international law.

There is a huge article on antiwar conservatives in this week’s National Review by David Frum. Though the title – “Unpatriotic Conservatives: A War on America” – is inflammatory (IMHO, regrettably so): and the tone a little heated for my taste, it’s a good overview of the topic.

The little data I have been able to find on the Net supports december’s contention.



This is not a selection of the best sources I could find: this is everything I could find that was based on poll data rather than subjective impressions. Any other sources would be potentially interesting.

Sooo . . . you’re saying that because someone identifies themselves as patriotic, they are therefore patriotic? Without even defining the word “patriotic”?

In defense of december, maybe he was simply trying to say that organizations that wrap the flag around themselves, loudly trumpeting their patriotism, tend to be conservative. In other words, liberal organizations don’t much feel the need to proclaim their red-white-and-blueness (with the possible exception of People for the American Way).

This to me has little to do with what the true meaning of patriotism is, although lord knows the Republicans have been trying to appropriate the word for everything from imperialist aggression to tax cuts for the richest 1% of all taxpayers.