Antiques = Old crap

Plus, you don’t have to haul anything anywhere. Just make sure you state that the buyer is responsible for moving it all.

This is a very real issue for us–my 84 year old mother has a shit ton of interesting stuff she picked up in Japan in the mid to late 60s and quite a bit of it is ivory. Most of the ivory was antique when she bought it and it’s definitely antique now but with the ban on selling ivory I dunno what’s going to come of it all. My middle sister is the only one with a house big enough to take the display cases the ivory is kept in and another issue is that a goodly percentage of the ivory stuff is actually mine, given as gifts and kept by my mom until I had a place to keep it all and I basically kinda forgot about it.

Guess we’ll have to have it all appraised and I might end up just keeping the horse figurines since they’re a part of my childhood and would likely be of interest to generations yet to come. :wink:

Yeah, it used to be that it was legal to buy and sell antique ivory, but I guess it was too difficult to identify, so they went with a total ban. I understand the issue and approve, but there are extenuating situations where it complicates matters.

I’ve been going through my parents storage unit and found some “ivory” figurines. I took this one, about 2.5 inches tall.

I know nothing about netsuke, any symbolism in the characters, mostly just random depictions of people and animals?

It’s nice, but not the best quality. Looks like items made for the tourist trade, so not worth a ton. More kitsch value than anything else.

Note: I’m not an expert, but I know a bit about netsukes and a bit about Japanese export goods.

I was a personal property and fine art appraiser for 15 years, and am now retired. carrps has it correct on your netsuke.

Wow! I really am an amateur, but interested in this kind of thing, so it’s nice to be validated. Thanks!

thanks for the responses I appreciate the feedback, touristy looking indeed, souveniers from an enlisted US Marine long ago. But I don’t have anyhthing else like it.

There were a few other pieces, a wedding couple, crouching sumo wrestlers and a happy guy(?).it was long time no see and we had forgot all about them.

You mean a Palmer Method Certificate? Or the official school Palmer test for 8th-graders?

AFAICT those weren’t so much “trophies” as something like the software application certifications of today: namely, a fancy “official” confirmation that you possess a standard business skill. (Good business handwriting back in the day was a commercial mainstay akin to basic word processing skills now.)

These are the sumo’s. Ha ha my spouse was being a funny guy, used to get my Mom irritated when he repositioned these things. But she said he should receive them after she passed. Well the SIL scooped em up first.

What do you guys say, quality pieces?