Ants and Laptop

Woke up this morning to get my Straight Dope fix. Get my laptop out of the brief case I have it on. ARRRGH! ANTS! :mad: :smack: WFT?! So. No I got this little creatures from G-d walking around my whole laptop. Now. Mind you. Not many, many, but enough to make me sweat it out. So. **What can I do to get 'em out? Is there a possibility that they might have f… up my laptop? **I have been tapping the casing of the laptop this morning and just hitting e/a one that comes out away from my computer.

Pretty soon somebody’s going to suggest you submerge your laptop in water to kill them.
Don’t do it.

Do ant traps have an attractant in them? Maybe they’ll leave your LT for one of those don’t check out things.

DAMN IT! Let me get it out from the sink! :eek:

“Don’t check out things”? :confused:

The old bug-collector’s method of killing bugs you can’t squish still works. Wet a cotton ball or tissue with ammonia. Put it in a dish. Put dish and laptop in a trash bag for a few hours. Your ants will be dead.

Will the little pests hurt your computer? Probably not, but the use of “bug” for computer problems dates back to a little moth that died in the act of being a short circuit between terminals in a very early computer.

Is it really that big of a deal? I mean, if they’re only between the “G” and “d” keys, that’s only like an inch and a half worth of ants. Rub some peanut butter on the Caps Lock key, that ought to get em away from the home row. :cool:

Amonia as in glass clear?

I think he means those little traps that they can go into, but cannot get out of. As in a “ants can get in but they can’t check out” type deal.


Well. Running around the key boards and coming out from nooks and crannies I had never even seen in the laptop. :eek:

More specifically, this was the advertising slogan for Roach Motel brand - “Roaches check in, but they don’t check out.”

Before you try anything else, change all your passwords.

Or if you have some plain old bug spray, spritz down the inside of an empty cardboard box large enough for the laptop, insert laptop and seal it up for a few hours. If you are worried about dead ants inside (i wouldn’t) open up the case and blow it out a bit.