Any Active/Retired Police Officers Here on the SDMB?

Hey, I seem to wait for the most random thread opportunities to come along before posting, so heres another along the same lines-

So, I’m very seriously considering becoming a police officer, I’m not old enough at the moment, 21 is the minimum age to do the testing and what not, or so I’ve read, but it makes more than plenty of sense, with the handgun and all, but I figure that once the other classes are out of the way, I will be. As to why, I’m not entirely sure, but it goes along quite well with every other career I’ve considered. Anyway, I was considering the variety of professions I’ve read various people here say they have and wondered, due to my relatively newfound interest in the subject, if anyone who frequented this board was a police(wo)man.
Since I suppose that isn’t enough to base a thread off of, I’m also interested in what the job and it’s subsequent duties are like, and what life is like as one, I would feel kind of strange flagging down a cop and saying “So, um, hows life?” I understand that for different jobs in this field it will be different, but I’m interested in everyones view.

You’ll enjoy this.

Yeah, thanks Jimmy, that was an incredibly useful thread, fairly long though, it seems to have had a lot of revivals.