Any alternatives to "nice to meet you?"

I just watched the debate with some new acquaintances…

Is there any tactful way to bid somebody goodbye, such as saying “it was nice meeting you”, but without lying?

“It was nice meeting you” is not a lie, even if it wasn’t at all nice. It’s a social lubricant that everyone understands is not meant literally. It’s like saying “fine” when someone asks, “How are you?” You’re not lying by saying “fine” no matter how your health/emotional state is, you’re just following social convention.

One alternative would be “thanks for coming,” “thanks for inviting me,” or “thanks for joining us,” depending on circumstances. You can of course thank someone for something whether or not you actually feel gratitude.

I like to say “It’s been a pleasure…” but then again, I just like to say ‘pleasure’.

I had a great time

Splendid evening

It’s been real

Let’s do lunch

Have a nice night

Don’t die in a car crash


Feel free to mix and match.

“It’s been a real car crash?”

I say mix and match carefully.

I’s been interesting meeting you.

(Think of a certain chinese curse)

Replace “nice” with “pleasure.” Most people don’t say “pleasure” and it sounds less canned and robotic than “nice” does.


“It’s been a pleasure” or “It was a pleasure meeting you,”

as opposed to,

“It was nice meeting you.”

Feel free to use “pleasure” when meeting people too, not just leaving them.

Them: “Well, I have to go.”
You: “Have fun.”

That’s what I say anyway… probably comes across as incredibly weird and incordial, but I like it.

I like this one: “see you 'round campus”. I haven’t been in college in 20 years so this one is also a bit of a joke.

What else … hmm… how about “y’all take care”?

“How you doin’?”

I use “see ya in the funny papers” with some regularity.

Second vote for “take care”. Short and sweet.

That is my usual goodbye to people, “Have fun.” I think I started it years ago when I read a Stephen King book which had an intro by the author which ended with the line, “Don’t take any shit from anybody.”

I wish I had the nerve to use that but I make do with, “Have fun.”

i also use have fun. safe trip could work as they leave.

I want to hear the story that inspired the OP!!

What happened at the debate party that was so awful that you could barely stand to way “nice to meet you?”

Heh. Hardly anything happened, really. I guess I’m just ill-natured. :slight_smile:

They’re Obama supporters, like myself, but the husband, who just rubbed me the wrong way to begin with, would not shut up during the debate, and his analysis was remarkably unsophisticated.

You could fawn over them shamelessly, kissing their hand and saying “Enchante” like Tim Curry did in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Excellent showmanship, and you hardly ever see it done.


“Hope you get laid!”

It’s a good sentiment. Hell, it’s the exact opposite of “fuck you!”.

There’s always the male head nod.