Any April Fool's pranks get you?

I failed. I got caught by a headline that Ethnologue had reorganized Indo-European, Uralic, Altaic, Dravidian, Kartvelian, and Afro-Asiatic into the Nostratic superfamily.
What about you?

None. All’s quiet. Too quiet.

I got taken by one. It’s a long story, but basically several years ago an organization that I’m a part of made a decision that was fairly controversial and very unpopular with a vocal group of people. Today somebody announced that they had unilaterally taken an action that both repudiated that decision while doing nothing that the unhappy people actually wanted. It was brilliant.

Not me, but a friend of mine woke up with Crayola marker glasses and mustache today. Her grandkids did it. I would have held them down and demonstrated that payback is a bitter bitch indeed. She was much nicer about it.

I did. The publicity feed for a TV show I’m looking forward to claimed to have posted a new video about the hero of the series. It was a RickRoll.

The “How Stuff Works” podcast episode that was posted yesterday opened with the announcement that one of the hosts had suddenly left the podcast for unspecified reasons. Which turned out to be just a dramatized “bad dream” of the other co-host. I totally bought it.

I hate admitting this but I got sucked in twice by the radio. The first was our local station saying that the city was putting in a 500 slip inland marina ( We have the largest freshwater marina in W.Canada and the wait time to get a berth is 5 years. It’s been a hot button issue at City Hall) and they had hired a Dutch engineering firm to build the canals and locks for the low price of $40 million (The city I live in is roughly 15000 people). The second was the City of Edmonton introducing triple decker busses to use on the busier routes until the lrt expansions are done. I was almost at work before the synapses finally fired and I facepalmed. In my defence, I hadn’t had any coffee yet.

I thought iFixit really got bought by Apple. To prevent people from fixing their devices.

George Takei’s announcement that he was going to host Saturday Night Live.

Not me, but the local morning talk radio host here got taken in, and he’s a very seasoned and astute guy. There’s a story in the Guardian about the Scots switching to right lane driving should they gain independence. I bought the story for about 10 seconds.

He really thought this was a bad idea and went on at length about it.

Ha! This one got me, too! I was so distressed at loosing Chuck, and curious at what could have taken him away that they wouldn’t even say anything. I had a good laugh at the reveal.

Nope, but I gave my kids a rather anxious few moments, as noted in the other AF thread.

I got briefly taken in by a story on an NPR station saying that Keanu Reeves was working on an updated version of Citizen Kane, and one of the cast was going to be Alex “Bill S. Preston, Esq.” Winter.

This one I believed for a while as well. It sounded (and still sounds) quite plausible.

Stepbrother got me and a few other folks when he posted that he fell off the treadmill and broke his arm.

A friend got me when she told me some unsettling news, and she said it so casually that I believed her
However, she said the look on my face scared the crap out of her, because I did believe her

So I guess we got each other even though mine wasn’t intentional

A couple I know posted to Facebook that their comedy act had been picked up by Disney Cruise Lines; they were slated to be on-ship for most of 2015. This was believable enough, and several of their friends (myself included) replied congratulating them.

About a half-hour later, I figured it out.

With a twist.

I heard on the radio that Susan Boyle turned 53 on April 1. Now… I’M 53! That had to be an April Fool’s joke–ha! Googled it and… no… I AM OLDER THAN SUSAN BOYLE. That was the worst April Fool’s ever!! :frowning:

One of my students got me. She said she needed to go to the nurse for a bloody nose. I started to hand her the pass and discovered that she was holding a paper towel colored with a red marker.

Another student’s mom got him. She told him that she was two months pregnant.

Does it count that I thought there really were going to be new rules on the board until I read the first one? Or, to be more precise, I thought they were going to declare an official modification to the rules in regards to both the sexism thing and possibly the quote thing.

I also thought I might have been fooled by someone who thought all her white liberal friends were no longer her friends, since they did not think Colbert’s tweet was racist. But I can find not data one way or the other. I can’t even seem to find the Slate page in my history. It was from an African American woman who claimed to have gotten a lot of heat for supporting #cancelColbert.

Only when I read the comments did I think it might be a hoax.

No one did anything in real life.