Any bakers in the house??? Anybody know if this is an actual recipe for cheesecake?

A friend made a delicous cheesecake, she said she just bought a graham wafer crust, mixed a tub of cool whip with a package of cream cheese, let it cool in the fridge for a few hours and then added pie filing to the top - seems too simple to me - anybody know if its as simple as this? I would have thought sugar, vanilla?

What do you think it would like if I folded in some fresh rasberries (cause I have tons!!!) and topped it with fresh rasberries. Sounds good to me, but I’m no baker either so I don’t know if it would work

I’m going to a wake on Sat. and thought I would take something with rasberries. Alternatively, anybody got some good appetizer thoughts??


Cool whip contains both sugar and vanilla. Not to mention lots of stabilizers that keep it from deflating. I doubt adding fresh fruit to the mix would affect it negatively, as long as the fruit is not watery or packed in liquid.

The one part of this that doesn’t quite follow is how she blended the cool whip and cream cheese. Maybe the cream cheese was heated to near liquid consistency? Was an electric beater used?

Either way, this is NOT a “traditional” recipe for cheese cake (which is cream cheese, eggs, sugar, vanilla, and sometimes a little lemon zest) and IMHO, sounds revolting, but you’re the one that tried it so what do I know?

It’s a recipe that’s been around for a while. You let the cream cheese soften some, probably use the mixer a bit, add the Cool Whip. I’m sure adding some raspberries in at the end (not so many that they affect the texture) would work. It actually tasted pretty good, IIRC. I’m sure you can find the recipe and variations on it if you Google a bit.


You could be right and I could be totally wrong on this, that’s why I’m asking. Mixing cool whip & creamcheese does sound a little odd to me too, but whatever she made it sure was good … It was ultra light & fluffy but still tasted like cheesecake. Thanks for the reply, I’m thinking I might be wasting my precious rasberries on this one

Thanks garden traveller for confirming that it is an actual recipe! On second thought maybe I will give it a whirl

It’s not a traditional recipe for cheesecake, no, but it doesn’t sound bad at all. I’d go ahead and try the berries.

“Real” cheesecake is a baked dessert. But IMNSHO, a good dessert is one you like, not one someone else says is the real thing.

I’ve made cream cheese pies similar to what you’re talking about. They come out light and fluffy, and are a nice alternative to cheese cake in the summer. But the recipe I use involves Jell-O. I can’t find my recipe, but this looks about right.

1 tub of Cool Whip
1 8 oz thingy of cream cheese
1/3 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla

Soften the cream cheese to room temperature and mix everything together with a wire whisk. Spread into a graham cracker pie crust and refrigerate for a couple of hours.

They’re super yummy and it takes about 5 minutes to make once the cream cheese is softened. I think it would also be a good spread for a desert pizza, or as a dip for fresh fruit.

The recipie in the OP is one of my mom’s staples. We used an electric mixer, and you can top it with cherry or strawberry pie filling, or sometimes we’d use peaches. They were always well-received when she took them places.