Any big shipping companies besides Matson - I need to get my car to Hawaii

Well, long story short, I’m moving back home to Hawaii from Los Angeles, CA. All things considered, I’d like to take my car with me. Right now, the only company I can think of that would ship my car is Matson, and they’re charging $838. Which isn’t bad, but it’s always good to shop and compare, right?

Well, that in mind, are there any other shipping companies that I should check out? I know there have to be some, but I’m drawing a blank at the moment…

Only one I know of sails the Baltic sea, Silja, between Stockholm, Sweden, Talinn, Estonia, and Helsinki, Åland, and Turku in Finland.

In other words, a ferry. They’re quite popular in Europe, I understand. I can’t imagine there’s that much demand for Hawaii-mainland automobile traffic.

(insert obligatory crack about Interstates in Hawaii, with the follow-up link to Cecil’s column on the matter.)

Look, just sell the bugger!
It ain’t worth it!

There’s sure to be some little thing you hate about your car. If you sell the damn thing, you’ll be rid of that problem, & have the fun of discovering the new problems in your new car.

Or, buy a bicycle. Hey, it’s a small state.

I toyed with the idea of selling it, but decided against it for various reasons and, well, it’s too late now.

And besides… [sub]I don’t know how to ride a bike.[/sub]

I can tell you that Sealand is really the only other option… and you don’t even want to hear the damage stories on their stuff (sorry, company moment.) I don’t believe APL still arranges shipping to the islands, and the other companies are all out of the far east. Sorry!

I found a site that has links to 5 ocean shipping services including Matson and CSX Lines.

So, Sassy, how’re the damage stories for Matson? Is my car going to get there damage free (well, not that it’s damage free now, but you get the idea:))?

Thanks for the info and the advice.

Oh, and of course, much thanks goes out to bibliophage for the fine link., how the hell did I not think of this? ::smacks forehead::

Well, back to packing… :rolleyes: