Any chatters?

How’s this for Random and Mundane:

Where can one go for SD chats? I don’t have AOL anymore (WooHoo!) and even when I did, it seemed that there was never anybody in there.

a semi-related question: Where are you favorite places to chat? Mine was because you can use a microphone, but the numerous bugs that site has been having is making it hard for me to go there anymore.

I use ICQ to talk to my closer online buddies, but I havent’ really tried it’s chat rooms yet.

Just got FireTalk. It another voice chat set up; it seems pretty good so far.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Actually, you can still use the AOL IM program…that’s the only one that I use for chatting…you don’t have to be an AOHell member, and it’s fairly easy and quick. For voice chatting, I used MediaRing…seemed to work ok, but was kind of a pain in the ass to…much prefer typing to talking…my Long distance bill isn’t that high…

You can get media ring here
and AOL IM stuff from here
Good Luck…

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I’ve recently signed up for a program called “gooey” ( that pops up a little chat window showing who is also at whatever website you happen to be at (example: you go to the SDMB and you can chat with others who are also reading the boards) the only problem with this is that it’s fairly new and there don’t seem to be any SD people that have it yet! So everyone sign up so we can chat, haha.

I tried Gooey once. It was the internet equivalent to pouring bleach in my eyes. After spending 3 hours trying to get the infernal thing to configure (kept giving me errors, saying it couldn’t reach the Gooey Central or whatever), I finally get it to work and am ready to walk into the world of Webpage chatting, right?

Umm… maybe. Except the top 5 sites with Gooey users on them were, (or however it’s spelled),, and some AOL site. So… I should get a chat program to talk to people downloading other chat programs?

I guess I’m not cut out to be an early adopter.

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There’s a coffee shop my girlfriend introduced me to “Shockabrew”. If I need any chat I’ll go there. Chatting on line is so… so… devoid of contact, I guess. I prefer looking into someone’s face when I talk. sucks big ole poopie. Excite voice chat, on the other hand, rocks. It’s easier to use, too, and doesn’t require its own program, just a REALLY SMALL plugin. You hold down CTRL to talk, and you can continue to chat with the window minimized and everything. :slight_smile:


(note, this will dump you into my chat room, but there is a drop down box to choose other rooms)

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