Any cheap way to get new lenses for old glasses frames?

I recently bought new glasses. I was thinking of also getting new lenses put into an older pair of frames I have, so I could have a spare pair. Unfortunately, all the local stores want me to buy frames. They charge almost as much for lenses as they for lenses+frames. Because of this I’ve usually opted for new frames, and I’ve accumulated a small collection of old glasses.

I hear a lot about sites such as Zenni Optical that sell quality glasses very cheaply, but they all seem to sell complete glasses. I have a pair of high-quality frames (Flexon memory metal) that I know fit me well, so I don’t want to frames that might not look as good in person, or be as comfortable or durable.

Doing some simple Googling turns up a bunch of sites that I’ve never heard of, with few reviews, and the websites look kind of cheap and cheezy.

Can anyone recommend any good places that will install new lenses fairly cheaply?

I think does do lens replacements. But I am pretty sure that a complete pair of glasses, even titanium fkrx ones will be cheaper. Should not be more than $40 or including lenses.

A good optometrist should allow you to do that. I know mine does - I’ve had the same pair of frames for several lens changes running, they’re just old, comfy favorites. Good luck!

About 20 years ago I sank a LOT of money into some very nice titanium frames for my eyeglasses (a pair and spare). They’re strong, lightweight, comfortable, and I think they look good on me. Since then, I’ve been doing lens replacements.

You’re correct a lot of stores want you to purchase new frames every time. That’s because there is an obscene markup on frames and they make money off them. Sometimes you have to ask around but I have been able to find places to replace lenses rather than buy new frames. I generally have better luck with independent eye doctors.

I don’t recommend Lenscrafters.

I have had good luck with Wal-mart, of all places.

One of the downsides of keeping your frames and getting new lenses is that usually they need to hang onto the old frames for a bit - yet another reason I have two. I get new lenses in one pair and the pair I was using up to that point becomes my backup pair with a usable if not perfect prescription.