Any cites proving Superman isn't jewish?

Supposedly, back in WWII, Hitler called Superman a jew. While this is an obvious load of BS can anybody give me a cite (from before Hitler’s comment, obviously) proving Superman is NOT Jewish?

Would it be hard to perform a circumcision on the man of steel?

Who says he wasn’t? We know at least that he identified as “strictly non-Aryan.” :smiley:

Well his creators were both Jewish.

He’d have to be a convert, because he’s definitely not a ben Avraham.

Anybody raised by Ma and Pa Kent in Smallville USA is not Jewish.

Depends - If he had his bris before leaving Krypton. Jor-El may have been a ‘Moh-El’.

How do we know Krypton isn’t one of the Lost Tribes? :slight_smile:

Dunno about that. The Kent family name was taken from actor Kent Taylor, whose birth name was Louis Weiss.

Makes sense. So are the Vulcans. :slight_smile:

Superman would be a Raoist most likely.

That was my first thought, but will kryptonite take an edge?

As a person from another planet, in an age where the human race can’t feasibly travel the stars, it’s a reasonably safe assumption that he is not ethnically Jewish at any rate.

As was pointed out upthread, his creators are Jewish, and they very deliberately included a lot of Messianic prophecy and imagery into the character. Hell, his origin story is basically a copy/paste of Moses’s. I’d say that if Hitler called him a Jew in the comics, he’d clearly be incorrect, as it’s a given that he’s Kryptonian in the comics. If he said that historically, I think that would actually be reasonably accurate; he’s pretty much the embodiment, or at least his creator’s perspective of, Jewish ideals.

You think the ancient astronauts that build the pyramids came here on a bus?
They call them “Ancient Astronauts”, not “Ancient Commuters”.

As a countercite, I offer a scene in the classic Superman II. While visiting Niagara Falls with Lois Lane, Clark sees a boy fall over a railing to his doom. Superman rescues the boy in front of a crowd of cheering onlookers. Amongst the cheers, you can hear a lady clearly say, “Of COURSE he’s Jewish!”

We had this movie on video tape when I was young. We watched it FAR too often. I can quote more of it than is healthy.

Wait - it isn’t accepted that Superman IS Jewish? Dude named Kal-El, a Hebrew name, abandoned like Moses, but ultimately the hope of his people?

I thought that was just a given at this point. His story is a two-dimensional, fabulist rendering of an immigrant’s story to America.

He’s a Methodist.

Yeah, that article gets it right. No matter how Jewish Siegel and Shuster were, no matter how many hints and allusions they dropped, no matter that he was a symbol of the immigrant and assimilation, the fact was that no comics character in the 1930s could be introduced as Jewish. Especially one who was soon made into a symbol of American values. Ma and Pa Kent probably still believed that Jews had horns in 1938, just like all their neighbors in Smallville.

Superman is not Jewish. He’s American. And this is a Christian country. Still.

Nope, separation of Church and State.

So Superman is ethnic Egyptian?