Any competitive dog obedience folk here?

I’d love to pick your brains a bit if I may. My Labby girl has just completed her CD and I’m aiming now for Open, but this is new training territory for me. The club I’m with is more basic pet obedience, Agility, and Rally focused though I gather there’s an upper level obed group in the works.


Me! Although I don’t have the time or money to be very serious about it. Lucy, my Jack Russell Terror, has her CGC, one leg in Beginner Novice, and her Rally Novice title. Agility in the ring has been kind of a disaster. I don’t know if I can be of much help, but feel free to pick my tiny brain.

We’re not competitive, but we have put our Labs through obedience, agility, and focus training.

Last weekend, to help alleviate their cabin fever, we rented the doggie gym where they do their agility training, spent an hour putting them through their paces on the various jumps, ramps, tunnels, etc. They loved it!

I did a CD with my dog, but haven’t gotten around to doing more with him, though did start to train for it.

Better than classes for me, was privates with a coach who kicked butt in the ring. My biggest issue with training is not getting the dog to do stuff, it’s me and how I handle. Learned a lot of really small things, like footwork, that made a big difference. Now if only I could pull off those 199 scores like she can.

I used to, haven’t competed in many years. I had a Gordion Setter, Fancy, who had 2 legs toward her CDX but tore a ligament and the vet recommended that she not jump any more, so we had to stop before finishing her title.

I miss competing…