Any Corrs fan here?

I am a huge fan of the Corrs, i wonder if there is anyone here who loves them like i do? They make amazing music and i love the fact that they play the instruments and write their own songs. Their music is an appealing pop-rock-traditional Irish fusion that is amazing.
And-Jesus, Mary and Joseph-Andrea Corr is gorgeous!

Yep, I quite like them (though my wife likes them more). Actually, I first heard them quite a while before they had any commercial success; they come from Dundalk in Ireland and my brother-in-law came back from a family holiday with a tape… it was about another 6 months before their first CD appeared in the UK.

And for the record, I couldn’t agree with you more about Andrea Corr. Phew.

I’m a fan of the three sisters, yes.

What, are they also musicians?

After considerable reflection I have decided that the sister who plays the drums is the hottest of the three. They are all pretty hot, though.

The only song by them I have really liked is “Breathless”, but I have to confess I haven’t heard all that many others.

The gal with the violin is the hottest.

I can’t comment on their music.