Any credible rumors of an XBox 360 price drop?

I’ve been putting it off and putting it off. Now I’ve made a promise to myself, I’m going to put $50 aside per month and buy myself an XBox 360 for my to-myself Christmas present. With a copy of Halo3 and Chrome Hounds.

Now, $50 isn’t enough for this by Christmas… unless the price drops.

I’m making a bet it will.

Anybody got scoop in this?

The big wait right now is for smaller (65nm vs. the current 90nm) processors in the 360. The 65’s will run cooler (heat issues have plagued the 360’s since day one, with perfectly ventilated systems often failing after mere days of use) and consume less power, and the most credible rumor is that they’ll drop the price a bit to coincide with this.

“Sometime this fall.”

I’m sure the price will drop significantly the day after they announce the XBox 361. :smiley:

No way will they drop the price until a couple of months after Halo 3. Or, they’ll drop it by a tiny amount just as it comes out. If they do sort out their hardware issues (and overheating doesn’t seem to be the only problem) I reckon they’ll hang on as long as they need to until their top wanted games come out.

I hope this thread isn’t old enough to be a zombie - but they’ve just announced the xbox 360 will drop in price tomorrow, Aug 8. $350 for the standard, 280 for the core, 450 for the

Yeah. I’ll say the rumors are credible.

Cool. But unless I hit it big at work, or get a bur up my ass for Madden '08, I’ll probably wait until GTA:IV comes out.

Good thing, since it’s been pushed back to about this time next year!

I heard it was supposed to be out by Easter. It’s not a big push back, they say. They just couldn’t rush it for Christmas.

Hey, I heard on the radio you could get an Xbox for free by going to this website and sigining up for a few trial offers…

Heh, a username that fits…

Thanks for the notice. I’ve now gotta wait for the new Falcon chipset - way too many report of problems with the 90 nm chips.