xbox prices

I’ve finally broken down and decided to get myself an xbox. Wanting to avoid this unfortunate scenario, I’d like to make an informed purchase. So did the price of xboxs go down when the 360 was announced? Right now the price is at $149 so is that the post announcement price or is it expected to go down as the impending release date of the 360 draws nearer? Or will it only go down once the 360 is actually out?

I doubt it will go down at all. As I understand it they already lose money on every one sold as it is.

My suggestion: find a friend who works at some place that sells them and get them to use their discount to buy it.

Microsoft lost money on each Xbox made when it was first released.

That being said, I wouldn’t look for the price to drop much, at least not for some time. $150 isn’t a bad deal for a modern console.

Don’t expect the price to drop at all, especially since Microsoft announced that they’ll stop purchasing Intel chips for the Xbox in a couple months. The Intel chip, of course, is an essential piece of the Xbox hardware, and thus Microsoft is going to phase out the 1st console while introducing the 360.

Ok, thanks. I’m sure I can get it and the library of games already released will keep me busy for quite some time.

Just dont end up Like I did, I bought a used Xbox, a week or so before the price dropped on New X boxes.