Any Crystal Reports experts in the house?

I just got off the horn with one of the companies that sends us data. They use Crystal Reports for their accounting, and they have not been sending us address information (required fields).

I know nothing about Crystal Reports, nor how this user uses it. The person I talked to is the one who set up the export routine, but she’s not extremely computer-literate and is semi-retired. We receive the data as Excel files.

  1. Can anyone offer advice as to how to set up her routine (or do whatever needs to be done) to capture all of the required information?

  2. She says that Crystal Reports will only write files that will print on letter-sized or legal-sized paper. Is there a way to make it keep all of the cells on a single record (like Excel), rather than wrapping it to the next record?*

Thanks in advance.
*I can edit the ‘wrapped’ data in Excel so everything for each account is on a single line. But it would make my life easier if I didn’t have to. :wink:

I can take a stab at this.

For the formatting (paper size) issue, you need to go to File/Page Setup. On the resulting screen, select the Printer button at the bottom. This should allow you to choose a generic other printer such as “Microsoft Office Document Image Writer”. When you have that printer selected, choose Properties. You should be able to select Custom Size, and specify the size. I usually choose Landscape format and make the width whatever I need it to be. Once this file gets into Excel, you can format the Excel document with a different printer and paper size.

For the data (address field) question, we have to assume that the database she is working with has this information. All she has to do is to select it from the list of fields in the database - there may be multiple fields, such as street address, city, state, zipcode that would need to be selected and positioned on the report. If there are multiple fields that you need concatenated into one field, she can make a formula that would look something like this: StreetAddressFieldname + ", " + CityFieldname + ", " + StateFieldname + " " + ZipcodeFieldname. The parts in " " are there to insert spaces and commas between the fields so that the data doesn’t all run together. Then she would place the formula on the report instead of the various native fields.

It’s hard to know what problem she might be having with this issue or why she isn’t including the address, if it isn’t lack of room.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. I’ll pass it along.

page size limit in Crystal is a major pain in the butt.

I had one vendor that wanted a record length that just wouldn’t fit.
I finally created two reports that wrote comma delimited text files.
Imported them into Excel and created two spreadsheets. Then copied/pasted the columns into one spreadsheet.

I rarely create spreadsheets directly from crystal. It does too much weird crap. For example, any blanks between fields will create blank columns. Plus the general formatting of the spreadsheet is strange. It takes more time to manually fix the spreadsheet than importing a comma delimited text file.

I work with spreadsheets a lot. The vendor report I mentioned above runs after every payroll. I can run the reports and create the merged spreadsheet in less than 15 minutes.

(bolding mine) Too true, but I have to do a lot of these because I write reports that have to be scheduled to run automatically, and most of the time the recipients want them in Excel so they can manipulate the numbers. I spend a lot of time formatting reports so the resulting spreadsheets look good and don’t have funny formatting.