Any Daily Show/ Jon Stewart fans out there?

Sometimes I feel I’m the only one watching this great half hour of comedy.
Never could get into Letterman, Leno or Conan. They always seem so predictable, tired, and dumbed down.
Not that the Daily show doesn’t do it’s fair share of lowbrow mockery, mind you.
Difference is, it’s FUNNY.
Not to mention the Indecision 2000 stuff they did was just brilliant.

Any other fans out there?

I love Jon Stewart. I used to watch his show on MTV years ago. The Daily Show is one of my favorites, but I don’t get to watch it nearly enough.


Of all the great stuff they’ve done, I really appreciated the stuff they did with John McCain and his wife on the campaign trail. It was not only funny, but Mr. & Mrs. McCain came off as such great sports. They fielded some truly bizarre questions with the utmost grace and humor.

Almost induced me to vote for the man!

I love The Daily Show! There was a thread many months back about someone who was going on the show (I forgot who it was, though…and there was another thread about someone who went on Win Ben Stein’s Money, but I’ll stick to the topic.)

I love the way they do the fake interviews and overdramatize the people…

“When you first saw him, did you first feel fear, or shock?”
“Uhhh…fear. Actually, shock.”

LOL. My favorite thing about The Daily Show is the fact that they totally foreshadowed Indecision 2000 - not only with the name “Indecision 2000,” but the ad they ran said “In this coming election, we are going to do a detailed analysis of the election. And after we analyze that, we’ll analyze that analysis. And then we’ll analyze that one too. Here at Comedy Central, we do things very…analysistically…”

One of the best shows on TV right now.

Great show. Craig Kilbourne is an ass for leaving it. Jon has done a great job making the show his own.

Count me in as a fan. I almost died laughing when one of the reporters attempted to declare himself president. When Jon objected saying “You can’t just assume the presidency!” The reporter’s deadpan reply, “Bush did.”

(Please note that the skit outlined above does not reflect my actual political views on the subject. I just found it funny.)

Did you see last night’s? One of the best lines ever, referring to the Clintons moving out of the White House:

“I bet he leaves a floater.”

Count me as a big fan. My favorite moments, both from “Indecision 2000”:

Stewart began a day or two after November 7th, looking like he hadn’t slept in years. Then he said, “When we decided to call our little pretend election coverage ‘Indecision 2000’ WE WERE KIDDING! WE HAD NO IDEA YOU PEOPLE WOULD TAKE US SERIOUSLY!”

Then, after the recounts had started, he said, “We’re going live to an expert on counting.” Then they cut to Sesame Street where they showed the muppet character, “The Count” counting votes, “Vun, Vun for Gore, mwa ha ha”

Love the guy!!

I hadn’t watched him for a while, then Comedy Central put on that “TV Funhouse” show right before the Daily Show on Wednesdays. Now I can’t get enough of either.

Loved the Daily Show since Kilbourne. Hey, wasn’t Esprix on it?

Yay! More Daily Show Fans! Woo!

The live coverage on Election Night was just too classic. I wish I had taped Stever Correll bitching about getting stuck with “Map Duty”. When Jon tried to interject that Gore (blue) was actually leading although there were states going to Bush (red), Steve cut him off saying, “Map more red. Map don’t lie.” I was dying. Oy, little did we know it was foreshadowing.

Anyone remember the Hurrican Floyd coverage? Vance Degeneres was standing outside under a hose, then further on in the show, he made an intern stand in his place. :smiley:

For a while there, I was (I am ashamed to say) getting all my news from the Daily. Then Craigers left. Jon did not immediately impress me. He couldn’t pull off 5 questions, for example. So I left for a while, and did not watch. I’m back now. I have warmed to Jon, especially the odd face he makes when he’s trying not to laugh. The Daily Show is still the one program on television that’s guaranteed to give me at least one good belly laugh every ten minutes.

However, I don’t like it when they make fun of normal people. Well, not really normal people. They’re kinda weird and all–but it’s not clear that the people they interview really knew what they were getting into. It strikes me as pretty cruel, so I usually change channels when they start.

I admit, that can be kinda painful.
Painfully FUNNY!
I can’t have too much pity on most of these people. The man who takes aura readings of peoples asses, the family who finally had to call the police to remove a stuck plastic jar from their dog’s head after a WEEK (they didn’t think to pull it off themselves, and were hoping it would die of starvation quickly so it wouldn’t suffer?!) C’mon. If a TV crew from Comedy Central (not CNN, not NBC, but COMEDY Cental) showed up at your door, wouldn’t you think twice about the interview?
I think most of these people are getting their just rewards for being such 4 star idiots.

I posted this OP a few months ago.

Only 8 replies! :confused:


Craig Kilborn - not funny, never was, doubt he ever will be.

Jon Stewart - Heavens no, Hell Yeah! Stewart rocks, remember the ‘Jon Stewart show’? It got cancelled because some evil vulture ripped up some audience member’s head…

Ahhh, mid-90’s MTV… I miss it.

Homer - You are my hero. I love Lewis Black.

Only 8 replies! :confused:

–Tim **

First of all, about Lewis Black- hot damn, I wish I had gone to that show!
And to your quote: Yeah, tell me about it.

Just for perspective, out of 12,089 Straight Dope members, about 13 people apparently watch this brilliant piece of satire. Versus about 56 people who openly admit they masturbate at work, in a recent General Questions forum.

What a world… what a world…

I watch it, seriousart. I just hadn’t hadn’t read the thread yet. I loved it when Craig Kilborn was on, and I still think he does the actual headlines better than Jon Stewart, but I still love it now.


I watch this show, and I love it! Jon Stewart… I could just squeeze him. If he was about a foot taller, he’d be THE perfect guy.

I wish I could remember specific funny bits like you guys have, but I can’t. Their whole Indecision 2000 coverage was the best part of that freaky election. Watching Jon broadcast while looking exhausted, smoking cigarettes and being even more cynical and sarcastic than usual - it was fantastic.

Does anyone else miss Beth Littleford? God, that woman was funny.

Oh, and Homer - I never saw that post. Great story! Sounds like you had an excellent time, and I’m jealous.

LOL Well, you know, (almost) everybody masturbates. . . but not everybody has cable. :wink: