Any Doper parental units using gDiapers?

I just found out about these things 10 minutes ago, and I’m pretty intrigued. I’m considering switching WhyBaby (currently a disposable wearer) to gDiapers, but I wondered if anyone else had any experiences with them before I take the plunge.

They’re a “new option” in diapering - not cloth, not disposable, but a flushable pad that goes into a reusable liner system. S’posed to be great for the environment without the drawbacks of either disposables or cloth.

(I’m not looking for a cloth/disposable debate here. The best numbers I have show that ultimately the two are about even for their evilness, and I like the idea that there’s now a third option. If you’d like to have a cloth/disposable debate, please start another thread, and I might even join you there.)

gDiapers website

Well, I looked into them, but honestly they seem to me to combine the worst of the two options. You still have to shell out the bucks to pay for disposables, but now you also have to launder part of the system too. My feeling was, I’d rather just go one way or the other. (We’ve done both cloth and disposables at different times. Although right now we are doing NO DIAPERS AT ALL since MiniWhatsit just potty-trained this month. Yesssss!)

I thought about trying them, but with twins, they would be WAY too expensive for us. What I found funny was the demo video on the website; that baby just lays there while his diaper is being changed. Did they drug him, or what? Because changing both of my guys is like changing an octopus, with what seem like dozens of little legs waving about.

Yeah, I didn’t check the price before I made my first post. I’d be a lot more into it if the disposable part wasn’t even more expensive than disposable diapers ($15 for 32, as opposed to $7 for 30something disposables at Target). I admit it, I’m swayed by the almighty dollar more than the abstract concept of landfil preservation.

I really, really, want to help the environment in a real way, I just can’t afford to at double the price! If they were to become mass-marketed, maybe they’d come down in price - the inserts have *got *to be cheaper to produce than whole diapers, but right now they’re a small company, so don’t have economies of scale on their side.

Well, shoot. Maybe I can get them for my grandkids, if they catch on!

The other thought is to just get regular cloth diapers and then buy flushable diaper liners. I think Kooshie makes some.

I was impressed with ClothBaby cloth diapers, but it seemed like a lot of work, after I ended up with a c-section I was very glad I went the disposable route - my washing machien and dryer were in the basement.

They lost me at “swish stick.” Like GeoBabe, I have enough trouble keeping the kid still and containing the mess. I’m not buying anything that comes with a poo poker.

At Publix I’ve seen diaper liners that prolong the diaper’s lifespan. Looks like a big maxipad that goes in the diaper. May be an option for those times when changing a wet diaper is inconvenient but you could slip out the wet liner? The gDiapers are a good idea whose time has not yet come. Would be an awsome conversation piece if you get stuck in a group of snobby mommies, though.