Disposable Diapers - Your Favorites

Allright you doper parents, or at least the parents of the pre-toilet trained set, what is your favorite brand of disposable diapers?

Excuse me for a moment…

(Yes yes, all you people who want to chastise me for using disposables instead of cloth. I know the arguments, but we chose not to go that way. Go make your own thread if you want to start that debate. I’m here to talk landfill killin’, totally artificial, and totally disposable ones. Vote for Seventh Generation brand if you must)

We use Fitti brand during the day and good ole Pampers at night. The reason I started this thread was I read some other message board where people were saying that nothing was better than Fitti’s. Literally. You’d be better off letting your kid wear nothing than one of those. I disagree. As long as you change the tot with some frequency, they work just fine. And they’re cheap too.

I like the ones with the velco-ish tabs. The sticky ones stick to the wrong places, and sometimes can’t be undone if you accidently make the diaper too tight or too loose.

(My bona-fides: 6 week old at home, 10-12 diapers/day)

I’m a Huggies kinda Mom myself, they have the velcro tabs and I like them much better than the tape kind. I will even drive to the Target on the other side of town to get the Overnight Huggies.

Of course now that he’s 2, almost 3, the time is coming for the dreaded…don’t say it…I HAVE to do it…I don’t WANT to do it…ughhhh…POTTY TRAINING!!!

Ooo! Good question! I am planning to become a consumer of diapers in a couple of months…wait, that sounds like I’m gonna be eating them. Yuk. What I mean to say is that the BeanSprout is due May 19, so I am soon going to be purchasing diapers for use on the sprout.

What about store-brand diapers? I was looking today in the diaper aisle, and the Shop-Rite (supermarket) brand were half the price of the Huggies. (And they didn’t have Winnie the Pooh on them, which is IMHO a good thing.) Have you all found store brands to be as good as the name brands?

Don’t know where you and the bean-sprout-to-be reside…but if there is a Target close, we like their store brand (“Loving Touch”, I thknk they’re called). It has the velcro tabs like Huggies, but is more economical.

They do have little Kermit the Frog/Muppety pics on them…but it’s not annoying.

The Target brand of diaper wipes is what we get also, FWIW.

BTW, forget about the Diaper Genie satanic system…go with the Diaper Champ. The thing works like a charm…well worth the $30.

Right now we’re pretty partial to the Pampers Swaddlers (with the belly button cutout–Emma Kate has a pretty big umbilical hernia right now) with Sesame Street characters that we received at a couple of showers! I’m not sure I can afford them when I actually have to pay for them but I think they’re pretty cool. They combine the whole velcro and sticky tape thing.

You say the Target brand has velcro? I might have to check them out. So long as they don’t have Barney or Winnie the Pooh–I have a big Winnie the Pooh problem!

We’re Huggies folk, ourselves. I don’t mind the Wal-Mart store brand Dri-Bottoms but they do have the sticky tabs so you’re out of luck if you don’t like that. Winn-Dixie has a store brand that has velcro stickies. I don’t mind the stickies now but when he was a newborn and I didn’t have any experience with babies whatsoever I kept sticking them to his legs and body - a very bad thing for thin-skinned little wee ones. We’re in size 4 now and the Dri-Bottoms don’t seem to come in the Econo-Mega 400 pack (do I exaggerate much?) like the Huggies, though. At $17 a box (96 ct.) I might as well be wiping his butt with dollar bills, though.
And Congrats! Green Bean. Just remember - the diaper goes on the smelly end.

We have been buying Drypers for the past 3 plus years for both of our little ones. They may be a Western US brand. Far cheaper than Huggies and Pampers without the perfumes. The perform just fine. Available in mega quantities at Toysrus and discount joints.

In the NW at least the Western Family store brand has pretty good and cheap diapers too. But they only seem to come in smaller quantities.

We never liked the velcro systems–they would always come undone.

We have had good luck with Luvs at night, and Best Choice (a store brand) during the day. Our son is now twenty-one months old.

When he was a teeny baby, Huggies were our diaper of choice because they did a fairly decent job of containing those squirty poos that breastfeeding infants do so well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fittis and Drypers are both excellent diapers, and I would use either one of them instead of the more costly Luvs if I could find them around here. Whenever I run across a store that carries them, I buy all that I can.

Both my kids developed pretty bad diaper rash from Pampers and Luvs, so I tried not to alter their brands too much. We mostly went with Huggies, Drypers or Adorables. Drypers were my favorite, though. No velcro tabs, very small bears, clowns and numbers on them, very durable and they didn’t break the shopping budget.

Another Huggies fan here. Price is somewhat lower at Costco, and they do not smell offensive. Have been through some of the alternate brands, had rashes.

About to put my 3 year old back in cloth to ‘help’ him along with the potty learning.

I know you don’t want to be told cloth is better, but if you have diaper service in your locale, it is cheaper with new borns than paper diapers. I find it just as easy to cloth an infant, but once they start moving, switch to disposable because they tend to leak less.

I’m not a parent, but I am a diaper changer. I don’t care which brand of diapers a kid comes in with, but I too prefer ones with velcro closures, especially since a lot of our kids in diapers are consistantly dry and almost ready for training. The thing I have mixed feelings on, though, is those Pull-Ups. They’re fine and dandy for kids who are really being potty trained, and who have just the odd accident now and then, but they’re difficult to get on and off a kid who is put in them to serve as diapers. If they need a diaper, keep them in diapers.

Thanks all.

Green-Bean, congrats on the upcoming diaper wearer. If I may offer one piece of advice on diapers: shop for sales and buy them in bulk when you find one. I hate to push Fitti’s again, but Shop-Rite does carry them, and this every so often (like this week), they go on sale and you get 2 jumbo packs for $9.99. For my size 5 wearing daughter, that 60 diapers for ten bucks.

We actually did try Huggies when Doodles was smaller, but had terrible leak problems with them. I guess the whole butt geometry thing can vary a lot. As far as store brands, we’ve done Wal-Mart, which were okay, and Stop & Shop, which were the devil incarnate (they had very little material around the waist on the side, very uncomfortable looking). Drypers are fine too.


We even shipped over 5 cases when we moved to France,just in case. They do have them here, though.
Pampers always leak on Y.

If I have the CHOICE, I go with Huggies Supreme (from Costco, natch)…even though they have Pooh Bear on them, they’re stretchy and comfy-seeming on my never-freakin’-stops-running-around 2 1/2 year old. However…

For the most part I just get whatever’s on sale. For one thing, we’re kinda poor. For another, it’s going to be full of urine and excrement in a couple of hours…not like I’m using fine Egyptian linen or anything. They do tend to leak more, though.

Ideally, I’d keep cheap-o’s around for everyday use, and higher-quality ones for trips out of the house…but I usually sort of wing it.

(A note: the BEST baby shower gift you can give someone if you have $40 to spend is a case of diapers and a case of wipes from Costco or Sam’s Club…that way the new parents have at least a couple of weeks during which they don’t have to worry about that kind of thing at all.)

Unless of course you have an Infant of Unusual Size.

Our tyke spent all of a week in newborn size, then once her umbilicus fell off it seemed like she was instantly in size 3. People were giving us gifts of Newborn and Size 1 diapers and we acted all graciuous and stuff, but ended up putting them with the 0-3 month clothing people foolishly thought our newborn could wear.

I use the Toys R Us brand on my two year old daughter and used them on my son (now 5 and potty trained for 2 years) as well. They often go on sale and you can get a case for 12 or 13 bucks.
I think they’re the same one Target sells, but TRU sells them cheaper.

Huggies never worked for either kid – my son was long and skinny and my daughter was short and more rounded and Huggies didn’t fit either one of them!

I don’t like the plasticy feel of Pampers and they don’t seem to breathe very well either.

We haven’t ever had a pee absorbancy problem with the TRU disposables and both my kids had enormous bladders. Make sure you get all of the gathers out around the legs to minimize blowouts in the early days, though!!!

I’m with beagledave . Target’s Loving Touch brand is great and they’re $3 to $4 cheaper than Pampers, which would be my next choice. They’ve got Velcro tabs (and baby Kermit) and they work great. They even have a Loving Touch Supreme (a little more expensive) for nightime use, but we usually just double-diaper the little guy.

Kids outgrow various sizes pretty fast though. Our 4-month old’s rapidly heading to size 3. Any day now. Fortunately, Target will let us bring in our unopened size 2s and exchange them.

I’m a pampers dad here. We’ve got Fitti, some Japanese ones that weren’t too bad, and a whole slew of local Chinese diapers that probably won’t make it big on the export market.

I didn’t even know there were velcro diapers. Although I have seen and used those pool diapers, which are prtty cool. Anyhoo, starting the old potty training thing so hopefully can toss those Pampers pretty soon…maybe we need a potty training thread. Argh, maybe TMI

Before kids, I went around to the area stores ( grocery to mega-colassal stores and Baby Backwards R Us) to price out Name brand and generic. I have tried them all and too be honest, it is not so much about price (though I won’t touch Pampers at all because they are pure extortion in cost) it is about how many I can get in bulk at a reasonable price.
What I discovered is this, name brand ( IE: Pampers) are the most expensive across the board. The cheapest I found are Fitti’s which with two children in diapers, the diaper does not contain pee and poop is always a blow out. People, diapers are for just containing poop and pee. Why spend a buttload of money on diapers - even with the evil and wicked incentive of Pampers Points ( or whatever the hell it is) to apply to Fisher Price/Little Tykes toys. If you bought a regular diaper, you could afford to buy that toy anyway wihtout paying shipping and handling and getting a billion baby related things stuffing your mailbox ( Unless you like that kind of thing.) ( I have a thing about Pampers, can’t you tell?)

You will find alot of mom’s say, " But my little Susie has never had a rash wearing Pampers." Yeah, little susie has been changed every three hours faithful since she was born. (The second child is changed every six hours and the third on alternating tuesdays.) Neither of my children have had rashes with the cheapo diapers until one hot summer day after being on a trampoline in the hot sun for too long, they both got a rash. (They now associate trampolines with rashes.) Rashes come from heat and unless your child has ultra sensitive skin (my daughter has excema) there is NO NEED to buy into the rash guard diapers.

What you need to do as a parent is figure out how much mula it costs you to just run into a store and pick up another round of poop containment systems. Because, and pay attention here folks, **you cannot not just run into the store for diapers. You ALWAYS end up getting a bunch of other things along the way **

So, the $3 savings from Huggies to Dryers is flushed down the toilet when you pass a sale on potato chips…follow me.

One of the best things over all I have found is the Baby’s R Us brand (the name escapes me now) which comes in a box like
Size 2 - 168 / Size 3- 145 and so on. For around $12-15 dollars.
That can be nearly a months supply.

Sam’s has great prices for their house brand ($18 maybe, it’s been awhile) but Costco isn’t worth it as they only do either Huggies or Pampers and it’s like $26 a box. Yikes.
As for wipes, the best price I have discovered over all (and I look at these things) is for either a 6 or 8 pack wipe refill of the Target Brand for about $6.99.
As for diaper genies and their spawn, instead of buying one or the other full price, check into a local baby resale store. You can usually pick up one for $10-15 bucks. I never used one, I have a metal kitchen garbage can that has a very seal tight lid on it. when I open it, it is the smells of hell, but when it is closed, you can’t smell anything. When the kids are toilet trained ( we are anticipating 2015) I can take out the plastic liner inside and toss it (as it has absorbed all the smells) and just use it as a regular trash can. Can’t do that with a diaper genie.

Now, both little Ujests are into pull ups and the brand name Pull Up is very good, but Target has won me out for price and fit overall, maybe $8 over $13.

I would just like to state - are you still reading this? - that I originally wanted to do cloth diapers for many reasons like I’m saving the enviroment and all that, but mainly, in the long run, cloth is absolutely cheaper. (for me it is, i have free water so washing isn’t a problem and I hang dry lots of things in good weather.) It’s the up front cost of $200 on up for a weeks supply.

BUT - if you factor in that is the cost of at least the first three months of life in diapers…it aint’ so bad. I was talked out of cloth by all sides and I still regret not giving it a chance. ( I would have used disposables for travel and long car rides.)
Oh, and one more thing, and it is minor, but the closures on the diaper are either velcro ( I like) or tape, which is a pain in the ass to restick successfully if your child picks at it. My two bits.