Any dopers buy meat assortments from the butcher?

My local market does various meat assortments for anything from $29.99 up to $249.99.

Have you ever done this sort of bulk purchase? There’s beef, pork, chicken and combinations of all three. I’m having a tough time just figuring out if it makes sense for us or is a savings at all.

A single bump to see if anyone has advice or experience.

I’ve done it before but only with the lower-priced packages where the meat was already wrapped and in the counter so I could see what I was getting. Then I took the final price and figured out my cost per pound of the meat total, then compared that with the various per-pound prices of the individual cuts of meat in the package. Sometimes it’s a good deal, sometimes not so good, but generally it falls in the middle - higher than normal for low-cost cuts and cheaper than normal for higher-cost cuts.

We’ve done the quarter of beef once and once the processing cost was thrown in, I don’t think we saved any money. I don’t think we spent too much extra, either. The real benefit there was that we were getting beef that was raised by someone we knew so that we knew how it had been fed and treated before slaughter.

Thanks, Suse. This market has good meat in general, but their prices are really variable. I wondered if buying one of these boxes would at least make my price predictable, but I don’t really know how to approach the pricing to figure out if it’s high or low, y’know?

Do you have any other reasonably close butchers to check prices with? I would also check it against local supermarket prices to get an idea.

I did this a couple of years ago. My husband and I had received a chunk of cash for xmas, and we decided to buy a chest freezer, and then pick up some meat to fill it.

I ended up at a local butcher, and bought the 30# beef assortment. If I recall correctly, the cost was about $150, or maybe a little more. It had an assortment of chuck roasts, stew meat, ground beef, and steaks. All in all, the meat was good quality, and it took a while to go through it all.

But I wouldn’t do it again. It is just the two of us, and some of the pieces were larger than we could eat in a sitting, and we’re not good with leftovers. We also found that we didn’t care for some of the cuts. I ended up grinding most of the chuck roasts for burger myself.

We also try to buy the stuff we really like on sale at the supermarket, vacuum seal and freeze right away. Now we have more room in the freezer for big bags of fresh frozen berries and treats from the Trader Joe freezer aisle.

On a final note, it was annoying that every package in the set was wrapped with identical butcher paper, and had a small stamped label on one side only. It got really frustrating to dig through the chest freezer and find the ground beef or something. I finally grabbed my colored markers and color coded everything.

I did this a few years ago. A local market (known for its meat) has bulk packages. They do save a little bit of money, and the meat in this market was good quality. It is priced to be slightly less than if you buy the same things separately, and they give the weights of everything so you can do the math to be sure.

What isn’t worthwhile are the freezer plans, where you sign a contract to get frozen food delivered for a set price per month. There will usually be a trial period; that’s when it will look like a decent deal. But once you sign the contract, you have no say in what you get, so the beef is replaced with chicken, and the weight is made up with frozen lima beans and the like.

The wife and I do this on a regular basis. The butcher we go to has really high quality meats. The key is look at the list and then check out their case… do the math. Overall se ended up saving quite a bit. Sure the price per pound on the ground beef was high, byut then the price per pound on the chickens and the steaks were much lower. We typically load up every 3-6 months depending on how much we buy. We just packed our freezer to the gills with a little over $350.

BurnMeUp, just out of curiosity, what butcher are you using? I picked up my beef from The Golden Steer, up off of BelRed Road.

They are pretty good, but I prefer Fischer’s Meats in Issaquah. They have really great quality and make about a dozen sausages in house. Their Pine Nut Cranberry is amazing. They also make bacon burgers with the bacon ground into the beef. I tried doing it at home but can’t get the proportions quite right.

Thanks for the tip! I don’t usually make the haul out to Issaquah, but maybe I’ll go check them out. Bacon burgers…[[drool]]

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