Any Dopers do one of the Calgary Marathon races?

I just did the 10 km race of the Calgary Marathon yesterday. I got a time of about 49 minutes, which gave me a placing of about 250th out of the 1450 participants. I was shooting for a time closer to 45 minutes, but I’m not complaining. It was the first time I ran a 10 km for the year and also the first time I’ve run over 5 km continuously this year. Thinking back, I think this was actually only my 5th time out running this year. That, coupled with my focus on cycling and a 7:30 am start time makes it an okay result.

My lack of running time this year definitely made me hurt after the race. My legs were stiffening up and I was absolutely drained. I also had to visit the porta-potty really badly because all that jostling up and down had now liquefied the solid brown stuff in me that didn’t want to come out before the race.

I was also planning to do a 10 am, 80 km cycling club ride the same day but there was no way I was putting out any serious power from my legs. I would be left behind by the club in the first 10 minutes of the ride. I decided it was best just to ride my bike home and sleep.

Any one else do one of the Calgary Marathon races?

We have Marathon races in Calgary?

You can put me down for a “no.” Marathon sitting on my ass in front of the computer? Sure, I’m all over that. Running? Not so much. :smiley: