Any Dopers familiar with Tecta / Protonix?

I was just given a prescription for Tecta to combat worsening indigestion. I had used things like Pepcid and even Nexium but in the end the were not able to help.

I am now trying to set up an ultrasound to see if there is any damage.

Any stories related to Tecta or GERD would be appreciated.

I’ve been taking Tecta for about a year now to combat horrendous heartburn. I used to wake up every night at about midnight with a horrible burning. Started taking Tecta and is has gone away with absolutely no side affects. I love my little white pills.

Just curious, do you remember how long before they took effect? I start tonight and was wondering if it takes a few days to kick in.

Pretty sure it was a day or two.

FYI: this is apparently marketed as Protonix in the US which is also recently been made generic I believe. You may get more anecdotes with that clarification

Thanks for that heads up. I’ve asked a mod to change the title.

Ahh, that makes sense, I’ve been battling heartburn (or whatever you want to call it) for about 15 years and two months ago it decided to start ignoring the 40mg of omeprzole I’ve been taking each day. I’ve been bouncing around from one thing to the next and nothing’s been working. Never heard of Tecta, but I just started on Protonix yesterday.

Title edited to add “Protonix” at the request of the OP.

Thank you.

Ike Witt–

There may be some help in this thread.

I don’t know what Tecta is, but I take Protonix for GERD and it works pretty well. Every now and then (a few times a month) I’ll have a heartburn flareup despite the meds and I keep some generic Zantac around for that. I suppose I could talk to my doc about increasing the Protonix dose, but it works well enough for the most part.

I was having GERD problems in the form of a stabbing pain in my esophagus. I tried Nexium, Prilosec and Dexilant before Protonix finally cured what ailed me.

I was on it for a few years when my script ran out and I had to physically go to the doctor to get a refill. I thought maybe, I dunno, I don’t have to take it anymore. Perhaps I was just going through something temporary when I needed it originally, etc. I was off the Protonix for about 4 days before the stabbing pain came back. It was AWFUL, just like before. I finally got in to the doc and she refilled me and all was well.

So I confirmed that I still have GERD and I still need Protonix.

I have little flare-ups here and there of actual acid coming up. Usually from eating something particularly bad (most foods don’t upset my stomach). Tagament works pretty well to help that, for me. Also chewable Pepcid for quick relief.