Any Dopers from Ventura County CA?

The fires are hitting you hard. Here’s hope that you and your loved ones are all okay. Looking at the CalFire maps, this is devastating.

Best of luck.

Anybody know how these started? (Well, the first one, at least?)

No one knows yet.

I used to live in Ventura, a little ways into the hills just outside of downtown. I’ve been looking at fire perimeter maps and trying to see if the home we rented was inside the perimeter. It kind of looks like it was, just barely.

If anyone posting to this thread lives in the area, it was 329 Lincoln Drive that we rented.

I can’t believe the velocity of the winds they’ve been having. I remember some bad Santa Anas sometimes, but these recent winds sound more like hurricane-strength.

We have good friends near the Skirball fire. Info and map here. It looks like the reservoir is between them and the fire though, which is a relief. They’ve had a hard year already.

My brother-in-law is up in Santa Paula and his house is by the 5% containment of the Thomas fire they were evacuated the first night of the fire and some of the live shots were done from the parking lot of his office but it looks like they’re going to head back home tonight assuming the fire doesn’t backburn.

So far I’ve had a brother-in-law in a hurricane and a fire disaster this year hopefully the last brother-in-law doesn’t allow me to hit the disaster trifecta.

My parents lived in Santa Clarita for years. It looks like the Rye fire burned right against Magic Mountain. Depending on which way it burns, it could devastate the community, or head into the hills. They’ve lifted the evacuations, so I gather they think it’s heading away.

I’m in San Diego County, and I’m seeing smoke far to the north. LA must be blanketed in smoke.

I live in Burbank, but I work in Westlake Village, which is right near the Ventura county line. Lots n lotsa smoke throughout my entire commute yesterday. The 405 south of the 101 was closed, which surprisingly made for no traffic, however.

My throat and eyes have been stinging.

Not today. I’m in Westwood in west LA and yesterday was far worse. The Skirball fire hasn’t spread. And thank God it didn’t engulf the Getty.

I work in Burbank and the rest of the week was cancelled. Wed the 405 was closed and today and tomorrow the air quality is horrible and a few people are protecting their homes.

We have one guy at work that had to evacuate and has been living at a campground the past two days.

Its so really sad. The fire spread so quickly. Hopefully today is the last day of strong winds.


Yesterday morning.

******We are in Ventura County. **Thomas Fire

The winds have abated for now, but, we are now seeing and experiencing the smoke and ash.

Carpinteria is on notice for possible evacuation.

Edison is doing controlled power outages around the area.

Last I heard Ventura is under curfew.
“Schools in the Ventura Unified School District will be closed the rest of the week, with hopes of opening again on Monday.”
From the City of Ventura
Ventura Water customers were notified to boil their water as a precautionary measure on 12/5/17. As of 12/7/2017, in specific areas of our water service area, it is no longer necessary to boil your water. However, the Boil Water Advisory is still in effect for certain portions of the City. These areas are specified below. We anticipate the Boil Advisory will be rescinded citywide in 48-…72 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
The areas in the City of Ventura that STILL NEED to boil their water are below and bounded by the following streets moving east to west:
North of Foothill Road
West of Ashwood Avenue
North of Telegraph Road
West of Mills Road
North of E. Main Street / Thompson Blvd
West of Sanjon Road
Thomas Fire update as of 7 p.m.
115K acres
401 structures destroyed
5 percent contained
Headed north and west toward Santa Barbara and Sespe Wilderness area…
Over 3,200 firefighters battling blaze

I have been tracking with these:

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office released at 8:01pm on Thursday night,
“Mandatory evacuations for the following areas-
… Area encompassed by Hall Road on the west, Sespe Creek on the east, Highway 126 on the south, and Las Padres National Forest on the north.
Voluntary evacuations for the following areas-
Area encompassed by Sespe on the west, Fillmore City on the south, Burson Ranch on the east, and Las Padres National Forest to the north.
Evacuation Center- Santa Paula Community Center- 530 West Main Street in Santa Paula.
Incident hotline 805-465-6650

Well hello Lilac fire. Warning area 2 miles away, mandatory evacuation <4 miles from me. Fire headed just a tad north of here, I hope.

The air quality in Santa Barbara is unbelievably bad. We are not that close to the fires but we’re getting lots of smoke and ash. People are wearing masks if they have to go outside. I have lived here for 27 years and have never seen anything like it. A fair number of my friends and coworkers have been evacuated. I hope this ends soon.

I’m in Simi Valley – NE Ventura county.
Rye fire (Magic Mountain area) is visible; Thomas fire (Hwy 126 valley) is visible; Creek fire (NE Los Angeles County) is not visible but the smoke is being blown this way.

Winds out of the East, Northeast, and Southeast are basically blowing the Creek and Thomas blazes away from Moorpark/Simi/Somis/etc. – towns on the south side of the valley where the Thomas blaze is wreaking havoc. When I drive home at night, I can see the hills to the north glowing orange. It’s spooky, since I lived through this when San Diego was surrounded by firestorms in 2002, and a dozen years ago when eastern Ventura and LA Counties were aflame in roughly the same areas (Sylmar, Glendorra, Lang Ranch, Bell Canyon, etc.) as now.

No local evacuations so far.

These are not just happening again; they’re getting worse with each occurence.


Take care and keep us posted when you can. Fires are scary beasts.