Any dopers in AL need a kitten?

I took home a stray cat from my workplace last week. She seems to be in good health, but she’s pregnant and I can barely afford my current pets, much less her and a litter. I’m looking for good responsible people to take them home when they are old enough, and maybe her too. I’m located in northwest Alabama, Lauderdale county. She’s very pretty, I bet they will be adorable! While I’m at it, anybody need a big slobbery dog? A good friend and co-worker found him as a tiny puppyat my other job and I took him home too. I should really stop.

Sorry, I can’t help you, but I have posted your request on another message board to increase the coverage. :slight_smile:

ETA: This looks like it might be a job for the KITTEN RAILROAD!


He was such a cute puppy. Such a cute dog now too.

They’re both so cute! Your Noodles reminds me of my Jasmine.

Aw, thanks! Is the Kitten Railroad like the Bunderground Railroad? I know this is blasphemy around here, but I’m just not that much of a cat person to know these things. We are, however, card carrying members of the House Rabbit Society, thanks to Good Sir Bun and Bisquit here!

ETA: Actually, any of the pets in that photostream except the dalmatian and the black rabbit are up for adoption. The black rabbit is my baby, and the dalmatian has a medical problem requiring expensive vet visits and daily medication for the rest of his life. They aren’t going anywhere!

I think so - we’ve tossed the idea around on the Dope that we should form a railroad of people who are willing and able to transport a cat or dog from one place to the home of someone who wants to adopt it.

If you can barely afford the pets you have please contact the Friends of Cats and Dogs to have the animal spayed at a low cost if you plan on keeping the cat after the kittens are gone. I believe that some years ago when I used the service it was around $25 (I am sure it has gone up since then but still a bargain) - that was in the Birmingham area.

I will ask around, as I work at a pet boutique that works with the humane society but there are so many cats around that it is hard to find homes.

I like the idea of the Kitten Railroad. I have a cousin that works with the humane society that I am sure would be on board as well. Of course, it would be more like “Animal Railroad” but it would be neat - transporting the animals to the next person two hours away or so until they make it across the country to a loving home.

ETA - I nominate St. Francis’ Railroad, or something to that effect.

Okay, I have a potential kitty taker in Niceville, Florida - can we make that happen?

No worries, I’ve got credit with my vet and have already spoken to him about having her fixed a few weeks after the kittens come. Even if I don’t keep her, it’s a tiny step toward population control. My male cat is going to be neutered Monday, even though he’s up for adoption too. This is kind of a thing I do–take home a stray, feed it, socialize it, fix it, and find it a home. I have only two permanent residents, the others are all free to good homes. This way, I’m contributing to the cause without setting myself up for the heartbreak when they die. And meanwhile, someone will get a healthy, well-behaved new pet! Everyone benefits.

I would definitely get involved in a critter railroad. I could surely find the time to drive/deliver a pet to the next stop, or to be a fosterer till someone else could come pick the pet up. It’s a great idea!

Near Eglin Air Force Base, right? That’s about 7-8 hours from here. I don’t know that my poor car would make it that far, but I’d be willing to try! They will probably be born in the next week to ten days, I’ll post pictures when they are so any takers can choose which ones they like early. I really appreciate the help!

I’m way out in California, and the mom of an adopted kitty who was rescued from a home with too many animals that scared the bejeezes out of her, so she has to be an only cat. So I can’t help you with your plight, but I just wanted to tell you what a kind soul you are.

Well this is where the Animal Railroad can come in - we just need people to volunteer legs of the trip to bounce the little critters all the way to Niceville.

Also - I know this isn’t nice but the Doggie Daycare/vet I used to work at (funny I haven’t mentioned it in years and have brought it up today twice) did cat abortions when spaying a cat. Just a thought…

Ok, tonight I found a home for 1 kitten with a girl at my work who happened to be there to see her the night I took her home. That still leaves several kitties and the mommy in need of homes though. Here are some more pictures of the mommy cat. She is very affectionate, loves to be cuddled and petted. When I first met her at work she was rubbing her face all over the glass doors, and rubbing herself all over patrons’ and employees’ legs. She’s very sweet. I’m calling her Antigone for now, but anyone who wants her is free to change that of course! I appreciate everybody’s help!

I also have some interest in the pooch - the question is, is he trained to sit, stay, and not dig holes?

How would you feel about meeting the lady in Niceville halfway?

I would be more than glad to meet the lady in Niceville halfway. A four hour trip is infintely better than an eight hour one! I’d need to know a bit about where the kitteh would be going though–I’d prefer that they all wind up indoor cats, hopefully. I know beggars can’t be choosers, but I’m a worrier! And of course if it doesn’t work out, of if ever for any reason they can’t keep the kitten anymore, even ten years down the road, I’ll be glad to take it back.

Noodles (the doggy) is trained to fetch, and that’s about it. He is very sweet, but he hasn’t taken to training. I don’t like giving out unruly critters to people who may not have the patience or stamina I do, so I haven’t made a big effort to find him a new home yet. He’s also a lot stronger than he looks; he’s broken two of those leads like the one he’s on in the picture, and one collar. He needs to go to someone who can handle him. I’ll be taking him down to the TVA trails on a Gentle Leader next week to work with him though, so here’s hoping that he’ll have some better manners soon. My dalmatian is very well behaved and obedient, so I know I’m capable of training a dog. In fact, Ghost even knows sign language for sit, lay, etc. because he has terrible hearing (which is common in dalmatians, I hear.)