Any Dopers in or near Sun Valley?

I have a job offer in Ketchum and am looking for anything about what it’s like to live around there. I know the cost of living is high, but I think I can just manage that.

I think my biggest concern is the winter. I’ve never lived anywhere with that serious a winter. Any tips on that? Driving? Dressing? (Seriously. How DO you dress for under 0 F?)

I’m assuming, it being a well-to-do area, that grocery shopping and such isn’t too hard to get to. Anything there? I’m looking for an in-town roommate situation, so I wouldn’t be out in the boonies, unlike my prospective employer (an aunt by marriage, actually) who lives an hour out of town.

I’ve never lived in a town that small. In general, what’s that like? From what I’ve found, it sounds like an interesting town, as such things go.

I’ve moved across the country before, so that part doesn’t scare me too much. Probably most of my stuff will be going into storage here for the time being anyway, what isn’t already in there.

Can anybody tell me anything? I’m guessing there’s got to be at least one Doper in that general area. And even if you’ve visited, any impressions you got would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!


Looks as though there’s a whole bunch of Sun Valleys to choose from:

Sun Valley, Los Angeles, CA

Sun Valley, Washoe, NV

Sun Valley, Blaine, ID

Sun Valley, TN

Sun Valley, Chestnut Hill, Monroe, PA

Sun Valley, Uninc Harrison County, Harrison, WV

Sun Valley, Denver, CO

Sun Valley, Uninc Navajo County, Navajo, AZ

Sun Valley, Uninc Gila County, Gila, AZ

Sun Valley, Uninc Palm Beach County, Palm Beach, FL
Now I realize that not you may have provided enough clues for us to figure out which Sun Valley you’re talking about, so my guess would be Col. Mustard in the dining room with the candlestick. :slight_smile:

How’d I do?

I live near Sun Valley, CA. The movie “Memento” was filmed there, so that will at least give you an idea of what the town looks like.

But if you’re complaining about winter, I suspect you’re talking about a different state entirely. :wink:

Shout out to Sun Valley, Ca! Holla!

When near Sun Valley, remember to drive by Cadillac Jack’s! Now with, ummm, see-through windows! :smiley:

Count me in as another unhelpful Angelino who wandered into this thread thinking of Sun Valley, CA.

Winters there are fairly mild. :slight_smile:

It’s Idaho, people. She said Ketchum.

All I know is that it’s expensive and yuppie central. Where are you moving from? (I only know anything about north Idaho, really).

When I was a kid my family lived in Sun Valley, California. All I really remember about it now is we lived on Satsuma Street and I went to Roscoe Elementary.

Sorry…I meant Idaho. I forgot to put that bit of info in the thread title, let alone the post. Could a mod kindly fix that for me?