Any Dopers know about a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook?

My hubby is looking at this car…it’s all original and in not bad shape. But he never heard of it until he saw this one.

Internet has limited information.

Any Dopers (Tuckerfan, you there?) ever heard of this car?

In addition, I have some for sale in the u.s. but no history or anything.

a little more googling and I found that the Cranbrook was a variant of the Plymouth Belvedere or on rereading the Wiki model the Belvedere was a variant of the Cranbrook.

Do you have specific question about the Cranbrook? When I was a little kid, our family car was a 1951 Plymouth Concord 4-door sedan. What I know applies to US models; Chrysler cars produced in Canada varied from the US cars. (Sometimes essentially identical, other times wildly different)

There were three models in the line-up: Concord, Cambridge, and the Cranbrook. The Cranbrook was the top of the line model; all three were produced for the 1951-1953 model years. These model names were replaced with Savoy, Plaza, and Belvedere, with the Belvedere taking the place of the Cranbrook as the top of the line model. Anyway, the Cranbrook would have had a 218 cubic inch flathead 6 cylinder engine, a 3-speed manual transmission and (IIRC) a torque-tube driveshaft (as opposed to an open driveshaft). The electrical system is 6-volt positive-ground (Chrysler went to 12-volt negative-ground in 1956). And, to issue in the modern age, they had electric, not vacuum, windshield wipers - your wipers wouldn’t slow or stop when you went uphill!!

Anyway, if you have other questions, I’ll try to answer.