Any Dopers Live in Guam, Puerto Rico, USVI, or other US Territory/Posession/Etc.?

If so, what is your life like? What is your job? What is the cost of living like where you live? Do you enjoy living where you do?

San Juan dude here, as evidenced in a large number of prior posts. Which BTW makes it kind of anticlimactic to do a recap here, since those posts would have provided such witty, erudite and well-written answers to your questions I’d be short-changing you :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:
[li]My jobs here have always been as one or another form of researcher/“you have until Friday to become our instant expert on X”/writer about the earlier research[/li][li]They have primarily been related to the Legislature and/or political/policy entities for the last 16 years, as either staffer or consultant (though I’ve also been in the private .edu field). Essentially I make my living by now as “he off whom brainstorms are bounced” and “he who must find out what is this guy on the phone from DC so agitated about”[/li][li]With the passing of time, cost-of-living relative to incomes has kept approaching East Coast USA averages; absolute numerical may still be lower in costs, bit it’s more than matched by markedly lower average incomes. Though every other ninth-grader on the street has a better cellphone than mine! [/li]And oh, it’s aggravating to live here if you had the opportunity to develop high expectations of efficiency, service, peace and quiet…
[li]Nonetheless I must say that once I get over the aggravating, infuriating, make-you-get-stabby nonsense that is having to deal with my daily work, once I unwind I can say “well, at least it certainly’s not boring here!”[/li][li]It’s where most of my family is, so that’s a strong draw that makes it more pleasant to handle. OTOH if a job offer comes around that gets me away from here during hurricane season, and offers over 60K, I’m telling the peeps to learn to use webcams.:smiley: [/li][/ul]

I’m Puerto Rican, I grew up in Puerto Rico, and it is my homeland. I want to return after I finish studies here in the states.

Cost of living varies between the smaller towns and the bigger cities. San Juan/Metropolitan Area can be expensive, while the west coast and other areas may be less so (at least in terms of housing costs). I grew up in the metro area. I love it, I love big cities, and I like living in a big old apartment building.

Random curious things: Car speed is measured in miles per hour, but distances are measured in kilometers and hectares. And while car efficiency is published as miles per gallon, gasoline and diesel are sold by the liter.

So if you’re driving and you see a sign that says “Aguadilla 20”, this means you have 20 kms left until you reach that municipality/town. Yet if you see the speed sign with 55, that means 55mph as the speed limit.

A good portion of the people who are employed work for the government. More, I think, than in other states. In some ways, it is, IMHO, a weird combo of nanny state and corporate paradise… With the result that since the companies that are established pay little (or no) taxes, the government spends a lot of money in providing services to the public. There was a thread about that earlier. JRDelirious posted about it.

Really, everyday life in general is not different from life in anywhere USA. Utilities are the same as in other places. Internet is common. Supermarkets and refrigeration exist, although the food is a bit different from what you see in Krogers.

Aha, since I’ve lived in college towns, surrounded by bureocracy… I sort of don’t know what is this high expectation you talk about. :wink:

And I love noise! How can someone NOT fall asleep listening to shrieking frogs, traffic, and the people from the neighboring building screaming nine floors beneath in their parking lot?