Any dopers live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

Their live webcam broadcast of their town square has turned into a minor viral phenomenon on YouTube. I have to admit that it’s relaxing, somehow, watching people going about their lives on the other side of the planet, and the town looks pleasant to boot.

Any dopers in Jackson Hole that would be up for waving to the camera? That would be pretty cool.

Article: Why Are Thousands of People Watching This Livestream of a Wyoming Town?
Livestream of the town square.
Alternative angle.

I have several live streaming webcams located in pleasant places that I like to look at. Some are in Hawaii, some are in Washington, and some are in France and Germany.

This Jackson Hole one is particularly well done; thanks for posting it. I’ll add it to my “webcams” folder.

I live on the other side of the state, but I’ve been to Jackson Hole many times and have waved at the webcam before. I’m a bit shocked at how much attention it’s getting.

The first snowfall of the season shouldn’t be too far away.

The town should be pleasant, it’s one of wealthiest resort towns in the US.

Man, those RVs are massive. They’re the size of buses. I’ve seen several drive through the intersection, and plenty had trailers with SUVs on them.

Apparently the town is just named “Jackson” while the valley where it’s located is named “Jackson Hole.”

My daughter likes to geocache, and being on that webcam is a cache. I remember she texted me when she and her friend were going to try and be on it, so I got to watch her online.

It’s a beautiful town.

I came here to mention that Jackson Hole is the valley.