Funny/clever place names

Real or fictional.

I’ve always liked the name of the human settlement on the icy, extremely cold planet of Tran-ky-ky in Alan Dean Foster’s Icerigger series: Brass Monkey.

And someday I’d like to visit the actual town of George, Washington.

Joe, Montana.

Actually, it only lasted for a weekend. Ismay, Montana changed it’s name to “Joe”, hoping that himself would show up.

You can see the road sign here, it’s still up:

Joe Montana

Gun Barrel City, Texas. Shaped that way ( sorta ).

Place names that include the expression Ha! Ha! (for example, Baie des Ha! Ha! and Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!) are to be found throughout eastern Quebec, in at least three different regions.

We also have the Cap de la Vache-Qui-Pisse (“Cape Pissing Cow”) on Anticosti Island, and the similarly named Chute du Caribou-Qui-Pisse (“Pissing Caribou Falls”); L’Horloge-Qui-Boite (“The Limping Clock”), an island in northern Quebec named after a phrase in a poem by Douglas Gordon Jones; Lac de l’Enfant-Qui-Vole (“Flying Child Lake”); and Anse Qui-Pue (“Inlet that Stinks”).

There’s a Nothing, Arizona: Nothing, Arizona - Wikipedia
and a Santa Claus, Arizona: Santa Claus, Arizona - Wikipedia
There’s also a “Silly Mountain Road” in Apache Junction

Hard to top Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico.

There’s a village in Cornwall called Par.

I know this because many years ago I passed a signpost which bore the legend ‘Par 4’.

I remember wondering at the time whether, if I drove straight there avoiding adjacent fields and other natural hazards, I could actually reach it in 3.

I’ll raise you Zzyzx, California

There’s Intercourse, PA… Close to Bird-in-Hand and Paradise…

And this is in Amish country. :eek:

I have a fondness for Gay, Michigan. The only business of note is a tavern with a HUGE sign in the parking lot that says, of course, Gay Bar.

Total side note… That vid* caused me to buy Electric Six’s CD. Rocks and a half!

*Search it yourself… “Gay Bar”

Defeated Creek and Difficult, TN…both very close to Pleasant Shade!

And Blue Ball.

Rabbit Hash, KY and Peculiar, MO are two of my favorites.

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I love that video. The rest of the album is pretty good, too. So’s the other E6 album I heard.
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I was always fond of Spread Eagle, Wisconsin.

In addition to Rabbit Hash, Kentucky also has Eighty Eight and Monkey’s Eyebrow.

Bucksnort, TN.

I originally typed in “Bucksnot”, which would be even funnier.

I drove past signs for some great town names earlier this year - Giggleswick and Wigglesworth. They’re both small towns in Yorkshire, and just seeing the names of the towns on the signs made me smile. I told everyone about them when I got home. (yes, i am that sad…)


Dude I’ve been to Bucksnort so many times. My dad took me fishing there a few times. When he had his divorce weekends and I was really young he would always feel like he had to work really hard to plan something to do with me that was fun. Hes the kind of man that is like paralyzed with confusion by little girls and what they want to do. Thus, fishing in bucksnort. I still have a hat. I can wear it though because I’ve been a lot. TO THE END OF IRONY!!

Hell, Michigan

Cuz it’s redundant! :smiley:

It’s also a barrel of laughs every January when it freezes over.