Any Dopers with experience w/ the People to People student ambassador program?

We went to an informational meeting tonight about the People to People international travel/student ambassador program.

Have any Dopers had experience with this program – good or bad?

Not the student program, but I’ve been on one of the professional trips, as have several co-workers. They are on the up and up. It’s a good program, on the expensive side but not at all dicey.

I did a People to People trip to the then-Soviet Union in high school in 1990. Moscow, Ukraine, St. Petersberg. It was really good.

My daughter did a PTP trip back when she was 13 or so. France, Italy and Spain. We sent of a little girl and got back a young lady.
Seriously she did a lot of growing up during that 3 weeks. As the parent and guy that paid the bill, I think it was well worth it, and I know my daughter did also.
Not cheap, but it was a fantastic trip.

I went on a People to People trip to China in '95, when I was thirteen. My mom was very skeptical about it at first. She checked it out with the BBB and everything.
Great trip, but pretty expensive, as others have said.
One of the best things about it was visiting places you couldn’t/wouldn’t go as a tourist. We toured a few factories, went to quite a few schools, and did a homestay in a small village.

One of my best friends went to the UK on a People to People trip; had tons of fun; brought back great stories, pictures, and musical cast recordings; and is still friends with several girls who went to the UK in the same group.

Go for it if it’s affordable, you won’t regret it!

My daughter went on two trips – Yosemite National Park and England, Ireland and Wales. Expensive as hell, but very much worth it.

We hadn’t heard of the program when we got the notice, but looked into it, went to some of the meetings, and decided it was an experience she couldn’t do without. It was great for her, and we had no regrets about sending her, and we weren’t worried about it at all, even when she went to England in the summer of 2002 (9/11 was fresh in our minds though, but we decided she was safe).

Do it.