People to People Ambassadors: Anybody done one of their trips?

Has anyone travelled with People to People Ambassadors? If so, what did you think of the trip, and what advice do you have for getting the most out of it?

For folks who don’t know, this is a group that (primarily) brokers travel for professionals to tour another country and meet with their counterparts in that country–thus, nurses would meet with medical personnel to share ideas and talk about issues of mutual interest. They also run programs for students, but that’s not primarily what I’m interested in.


I haven’t but my brother has. However, he did so as a high-school student, so his experiences would probably not be the same as yours.

Did they seem to be well-organized? I’ve read some online accounts that spoke very highly of the high school trips, often with participants saying it was a high point of their early lives.

That matches up with what I’ve heard. My sister did a tour of Europe when she was 14 and had an absolutely fantastic time.

My brother absolutely loved the trip, and would love to return to Austrailia/New Zealand someday. From all accounts they kept the students busy most of the time, but did on occassion give them free time, during which they could explore as long as they were in groups of 3 or more, including at least one guy. He took a lot of pictures, and brought home a number of souvenirs. It’s been more than a decade since then, and I think it was a wonderful way for him to start exploring foreign travel (He’s not actually travelled overseas since).

When I was 15 I went to Australia and New Zealand. It was alot of fun.

My daughter had a simlar experience gon to Italy, Spain and France.
It was worth every penny.