Any eating recs along US 90 (Mississippi Gulf Coast)

I’ll be there soon. Any advice is appreciated. Does not have to be seafood.

If you go by Bay St. Louis you may want to check out Bay City Grill. It’s not on 90 proper but it’s easy to find. It’s probably my favorite non-chain restaurant on the Coast…the chicken parmesan is sublime.

Let’s see. There’s the Mexican restaurant Cucos, on the beach in Biloxi. I don’t think that’s a chain but I might be wrong.

Of course you could always try the casinos, but I haven’t eaten at one in a long time so I can’t recommend one.

I recommend the buffet at Boomtown. Other than that, my time spent living in Gulfport and Biloxi was pretty devoid of good restaurants. Except, of course, the usual chains.

Somehow I forgot another great Bay St. Louis restaurant - Trapani’s. It’s the best po-boy place I know of, and it has great salads.

"Highway 90, your jobs are gone
We work our garden, we sit in the sun
This is the only place on earth Bluebonnets grow
Once a year they come and go
At this old house here by the road

And when we die we say we’ll catch some blackbird’s wing
And we will fly away to heaven
Come some sweet Bluebonnet Spring"

That wasn’t much help on the eatin’ places, but a little John Prine music never hurts. :slight_smile:

I vote for Chappy’s on Beach Boulevard in Long Beach. The crab claws are teh goodness.