Any ESPN NFL 2K+ or Madden players? How the hell do you...

play defense in these games? I’m (obviously) a newbie to these games - I just purchased NFL 2K5. I can generally figure out how to play offense, but defense, that’s a whole 'nother story.

My technique:

  1. Choose some (usually) random-but-cool-sounding defensive scheme

  2. Try to figure out which of my players is defaulted to be controlled, and why.

  3. Try to figure out whether I want to stay with this player under control, or switch

  4. Have the offense get the jump on me because I’m still thinking

  5. Rush upfield with my DL or LB (that’s what I usually have selected) until they run into a blocker and stop. Wildly push buttons and wiggle thumbstick hoping player gets away from blocker

  6. Watch my player run away from play, in circles, like a drunken one-legged mime

  7. See that QB is throwing the ball

  8. Watch ball fly towards receiver. Wildly push button B (switch player) and wiggle thumbstick.

  9. Realize that while the ball is onscreen, the player I’m supposedly controlling isn’t

  10. Watch reception. Hope and pray that one of the AI defenders tackle him.

  11. Repeat til offense scores
    So, what’s the deal? Does one generally let the defense run its scheme without interfering? Does one play a LB or DB (safety) and freelance? Does switching between players ‘closest to the ball’ work, and it just takes time to learn?

Anything at all would be much appreciated.

I, typically, let the defense execute on its own. I find it’s just too hard to make a man miss a tackle if you control him.

My roommate, on the other hand, believes in controlling someone, usually a DE or a CB. I can beat him fairly regularly.

As far as defensive schemes, I usually alternate between a 3-4 and a 4-3, zone blitzing on most 2nd and/or 3rd downs. I will use the nickel at times, depending on what team I’m playing with and what the score is.

Madden player here.

I always highlight the FS, let the game determine his initial reaction and then take control. Against the run, I’ll use him to fill an opening gap on the line or force an outside run back to the middle. I’ll often gamble on a pass play and try to jump an underneath route for an interception. It’s risky, but also a great reward when it works. Usually I play 3-4 vs. the run and Dime in a passing situation. The training camp option in Madden 2004 lets you play a bunch of drills to improve pass knock-down and intercept timing.

NFL 2K5 addict checking in.

First, make sure you run through the tutorials. That’ll give you all the basics of control and such.

I always control the MLB. In my defense scheme, I’m actually involved in less than half the plays. Now, this may be a bit cheap, but I always, always, always choose the 3-4 All Blitz play. Although this play calls for the MLB to rush the QB, I don’t. I sort of use him as a mid-position FS. The play runs like a 3-4 Force Fire, but I choose my own assignment for the MLB.

In most cases, I position myself across from the QB, right at the 1st down line, whereever that may be at the time. Just before I think the snap is going to go off, I tap the right stick down to bring my D-line inside. If I see a run coming, I can head straight down and give the line an assist. If not, I head in the direction of whoever the strongest receiver is and give an assist, or try for a pick-off. Either way, it’s a lot of X-button tapping for speed.

The only times I vary this are if the O is on a desperation short-yardage play, in which case I keep it tight to the line; or on a desperation long-yardage play. In this case, they will usually like up with no RB. I hold down L2, which zooms the camera out and shows the assigned coverage. With no one in the backfield, there is going to be a receiver without a coverage assignment. I line up opposide that player, right in front of the 1st down marker. At the snap, I judge where he’s headed, and pray. :slight_smile:

This scheme usually nets me 5-10 sacks per game and stuffs 90% of run plays. I do get burned by a strong passing game now and then, however. Using this, I just lead the Giants through a 14-2 season, and a Super Bowl win.

Biggest piece of advice I can give you, though, is run through the tutorial until you have all the power moves down, and practice, practice, practice! Hope this helps you out.

And while were talking football, I’ll just throw in another plug for this. :slight_smile: