How do you play Madden or NCAAFB?

Whenever I play someone new in Madden, they are always surprised by my playing habits. Mainly, that I play with a CB (as opposed to a LB or DL) and that I use the furthest camera view whereas they all use the one slightly further away than the default. Reason for the latter is simple: I can see more of the field than the up close view. I can’t understand how others aren’t bothered by not seeing what the WR’s are doing on the sides of the field. And it’s not like the view seriously hampers the running game.

As for the CB, you pretty much can’t throw on the guy I’m covering, and unlike a LB or DL in the passing game, a CB can be effective in stopping the run. Also, when playing against the computer, I can rack up picks by giving the WR’s a little bit of space to tempt the QB to make the pass, then close in on it. I average about 5 picks per game on All Pro and 3 on All Madden. My effectiveness in the secondary allows me to stack the line on any 2 WR formation and sometimes against 3WR’s.

One more thing that I seem to be alone in: I love the passing cone. Looking at WR1 and pumpfaking, then quickly looking at WR2 and passing to him is pretty damn effective, and would definitely be effective against my strategy of using the CB’s, but everyone shuts their cone off when playing me.

I was going to suggest you switch to playing the Strong Safety, but you seem to be doing OK. I’ve actually gone the other way. With a decent DE, I can juke my way into the backfield so quickly that I can use a 3-3-5 pretty much the whole game, and sometimes go with a 3-2-6.