Any experiences Skiing in the UP of MI?

As much as I’d like to take my annual ski trip to CO this year, I’m going to have to look closer to home. CO is just too much driving for the amount of days I can take off. So, instead of driving 16 hrs to Colorado, I’m thinking I’ll drive 6 to the UP.

I’ve heard good things about Porcupine Mountain. What I’d really like to know is whether or not the Sno-Cats will be running up to the Everest section in 2013 and if that costs extra.

I found Mount Bohemia, but it seems like it’s just a snow covered woods with little else. Definitely a experts only hill, but I don’t know if it’s worth the extra drive or if I want to dodge trees all day.

Ski Brule is a popular one, but I don’t want to fight crowds all day and don’t know if it’s any better than the others.

Indian head? PowderHorn? Any experiences?

Anyone been to any of these resorts and can compare them to Rib Mountain? I have been there.

I’m looking at skiing for two days. So, I would consider two different resorts – especially if they are fairly close together.

Any advice would be much appreciated!