Any experts on old movies?

years ago i watched a movie possibly from the late 40’s about a troubled young man that found himself working in a kennel of bird dogs and he became a successful field trial trainer and handler. Not much more info. Looking for a title?

Probably “The Biscuit Eater”.

EDIT… sorry, that one is about a dog and it happens to be the only movie I know about bird dogs.

Thanks for reminding me of the bisquit eater, I enjoyed that also.

Sounds like The Birddog of Alcatraz.
Just kidding.

Little later but

Git! ?

That sounds very much like the story line but I seem to remember it in black and white. It was one of those films that would come on in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. I may just purchase it anyway as it sounds pretty good. Most likley is the same one.

I googled ‘list of movies about dogs’ and there seem to be a million! I thought I could come up with the answer right away, but…let’s go with the one mentioned ;), we’ll call that the winner. As for black and white vs. color, I’m a self-appointed expert on old movies and for the life of me I can never remember what movie is b/w and what isn’t.